Saturday, April 9, 2011


When my children were growing up I began purchasing books by the artist, Tasha Tudor. I still have the books which I now share with my grandchildren. Her style is  quaint and whimsical, celebrating  simplicity and family. Her books and art are loved and cherished by young and old alike. Check out her website where her treasured artwork and other delightful products are for sale. You can read about her life and family as well.  Below are a few books of Tasha's that you can order. Share these treasures of the past with your children and grandchildren.

Do you have special books that you shared with your children? I'd love to hear about them.


  1. I love Tasha Tudor too! I have a book of poems with her illustrations. My sister has collected several T.T. books over the years. I remember how thrilled she was when her husband bought a vintage one off e-bay for her birthday.
    I still have a full bookcase just of children's books... some were mine but many belong to my two kids. When the time comes for them to settle down and have children of their own, those will go home with them. We had so many favorites... I read to my kids a LOT... fun little stories during the day, and chapter books when tucking them into bed at night. We were regulars at the library too. My Father's Dragon, all The Little House on The Prairie books, Henry, Ramona and Beezus stories, Fairytales, Nursery rhymes, Shel Silverstein poems, The Secret Garden, Winnie The Pooh, too many favorites to name. Good memories.

  2. I remember all those as well! Wonderful memories to share with children! Thanks for stopping by!


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