Friday, July 8, 2011


Hi! I'm baaaccckkk!

My summer has been BUSY PLAYING and having fun like the kids to the right here. But  I've also been working on a new project so I didn't have time left to blog. I HAVE been treasure hunting though for our next sale on Labor Day weekend and I'm finding LOTS OF FUN STUFF! I'll be taking photos of treasures I've found in the upcoming days so start stopping by to check them out.

I'll let you in on the latest project I mentioned above but for now it's a BIG SECRET!

The weather has been hot here recently though we've been waiting for this weather so I'm not complaining. Yet even though I've been looking forward to these hot days of summer I find myself staying in the air conditioned house, going in the air conditioned car to the air conditioned grocery store and that's about it!

I was reminded recently of growing up in the summer when it was this hot. We didn't have air conditioning so we had to be creative in staying cool. Mom would keep all the curtains closed so the sun wouldn't heat up the house. We'd have fans going at strategic places to keep the air circulating. If we weren't going to the pool, we'd have lots of popsicles on hand and run around with barefeet and in our  swimming suits. If it got REALLY hot, Mom would take a cold wash cloth and wipe us down with that. I remember staying rather comfortable so it must have worked.

So what did YOU do back in the day before air conditioning to keep cool? I know there's gotta be  SOMEONE out there as old as I am!

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