Saturday, June 4, 2011


We had our Hob Nobber Memorial Day sale this past Monday and it was a great success. As always there was a line of people waiting to get in and within the first 10 minutes there were 100 people through the door! We had to work FAST getting everyone through the "paying lines". We Hob Nobbers had fun meeting everyone and talking about all of our "old stuff". There were many comments again  of how our prices are so low and that's what keeps people coming back year aafter year. THAT and the fun and unique vintage items that we find! We even had husbands show up saying that their wives coudn't make it but they ( the husbands ) were sent to shop so they didn't miss out on something. I keep thinking that one of these days there are not going to be any more treasures out there to find. But I'm already out shopping and have found some fun and unique vintage items for our next sale on Labor Day weekend.

Here's Renee and Karen, with Deb, a "regular" customer and friend and now a  Hob Nobber helper.
 The three of us Hob Nobbers wore vintage aprons.

Some of our vintage tablecloths.

Those are the only two photos I took this year but Renee has several that she took that I'll show in future posts.

Sarah Keller also brought many fun treasures to donate to the sale with proceeds going to Eden Ministry.  Thank you again, Sarah! We appreciate your generosity year after year! We also sold jewelry for the Eden Ministry. My daughter lives in China and works for this organization. You can find out more about Eden in earlier posts or go to

 Thanks everyone for helping us have a great sale! We hope you found many lovely things to take home and enjoy!

 Have a great weekend!

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