Sunday, July 17, 2011


There are so many amazing vintage style blogs out there but one of my favorites is Raised In Cotton. Started by three women who began selling their vintage finds at local antique shops, they then opened a shop of their own. With success at THIS endeavor they went on to start another related business offering the rental of vintage treasures for special occasions and events  as well as offering design services. I LOVE that they have taken their mutual passions and turned it into not ONE but THREE business'! They are a great example of being able to make money doing what you love.

HOB NOBBERS  ( You'll have to search past posts to find the REAL Hob Nobbers )
I have found that this is possible also! Karen, Renee, and I started Hob Nobbers in just the same way. We all had a passion in this area and started out small by renting a room for a fundraising event for Community Youth Outreach, a program I founded and directed. The event went on for two days but we ran out of "inventory" the first day! We sent Karen home to drag everything out of her attic as she had been a collector for some time and had a stash of beautiful treasures. Everyone wanted to know where our "store" was but we didn't have one! We continued this for a few years until I "retired" ( one never really RETIRES from this type of work ) from the youth ministry  at which time we decided to have a sale of our own. That again was so popular that we decided to grow and instead of ONE room we filled up the main floor of a local historical mansion! My husband and I happen to LIVE in this mansion ( well, part of it ) as Resident Directors. After a few yearly successful occasional sales we grew to have three occasional sales a year. We have a long line of people waiting to get in before our events begin. It becomes a three family affair as all of our families pitch in to set up, man the tables, and help carry heavy furniture to the cars of happy customers. We all have a great time and feel like we're having a two day party! The fun part is when someone gets excited finding a much  loved object they remember from their childhood!

My point in sharing these stories is that if you have a passion, you CAN find a way to turn it into a business. We're not talking about getting RICH here but it is SO MUCH FUN being able to do what you love and then gaining from it in more ways than one!

Check out some of the blogs that are MY FAVORITES on the right sidebar and see for yourself the many ways women are finding to make an income doing what they love! I get inspired myself just looking at all the creativity out there! Then go click on the site I mentioned above.

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