Wednesday, September 21, 2011


A vintage sugar container
Small vintage cloth
Two things here: The old metal basket on top and old wooden box on wheels.
Yes, I do buy stuff at my own sale. We Hob Nobbers always check out each others things as we're setting up. I'm sure that's no surprise to anyone though. But there is always plenty left for everyone else so don't ever feel you're getting "leftovers" when you come. Often though we buy things  AFTER our event that are left and  that DIDN'T sell!
And I am always amazed at how much STUFF we have when we set up! We all start out saying, " I don't have much this time so I hope you've brought a lot!" Then out of nowhere it seems  boxes and boxes of  treasures appear and by the time we're finished setting up we're all saying, "How did we EVER GET SO MUCH STUFF!"

Since we all have very different tastes, we're constantly going around even after it's all set up, changing things to our own liking, moving this and that, redoing the vignettes, and driving each other a bit crazy!
It goes something like this:
    Hob Nobber One:"Where's that bear I put next to the picture?"
    Hob Nobber Two:" I thought he looked better in the Christmas room so I moved him in there."
    Hob Nobber Three: " I think he should go on the porch. I think I'll put him on that bench in there."

Old rustic mustard colored box. Not sure what I'm going to do with it but I love it!
OK so the words are probably in our head but we laugh a lot about how we're always moving things around like that with our different tastes.

So take a peek here at some pictures of the treasures I bought at our last sale:

This very fun "bag lady" for putting rags in though I may put plastic bags in her instead.

Colorful Vintage Tablecloth


  1. Ummm...I think that colorful vintage table cloth has my name on it ;) heehee. love all the things you bought at your own sale!

  2. yeah, I thought it might. : ) Christmas IS coming up...


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