Friday, January 20, 2012


 Our Hob Nobber sales will be held once this year instead of three times. The date will be Labor Day weekend but we'll give you the exact dates as the time gets closer. The reason for this change in part is that it's a LOT OF WORK ( especially the hauling of furniture ) but also because I'm busy with my NEW VENTURE....Renew. Check out the blog here or the web site here. We're offering a NOW FREE workshop entitled, HAPPY RENEW YEAR. Go to our blog and check out the flyer on an earlier post for more information. Though the flyer says it costs $15, we've decided to offer it FREE as it's our first RENEW WORKSHOP and we want to offer it as a gift. So check it out as we'd love to see you there. The workshop will show you  how to live your BEST LIFE in 2012! So sign up now!

Now back to Hob Nobbers...One of my latest purchases is something I absolutely LOVE! This might be a keeper! It's an antique Jenny Lind Daybed! Here is a photo of it without all the pillows:

Here's photo of it with pillows that were included.  

I can't decide if I like it WITH the pillows or WITHOUT. Here's another photo where you can see a bit more detail:

Detail of Jenny Lind Daybed with spindles. 

Since we will be offering only one sale this year, I will be selling some larger items on Craigslist. If I decide to sell this daybed, for example, before our next event it will be going on Craigslist. I'm still trying to find a place for it! So keep reading to see what will be offered! I'm keeping the daybed for now but the nice thing about these sales is that I can buy beautiful things and if I see something I like better, I just sell something and buy the next thing!

I've also been finding many vintage linens and fun shabby chic items. Our event over Labor Day will also include a Christmas room with lots of vintage Christmas decor! You will LOVE what we have!

It would also help us to have some feedback on things YOU might be looking for so we can keep our eyes open for the treasures that YOU want. So write a comment about what you'd like. We can't make any promises but we'll do our best! Also if you would REALLY like us to have three sales per year, I would like to know that also!  You MIGHT be able to change my mind. : ) So give us your feedback! Please leave your comments on the blog here. Also sign in as a follower and subscribe. That way you will receive notices when a new post is up so you don't miss any items that will go on Craigslist.

We have had many offers of items people would like to sell to us to resell at our events. While we appreciate you offering, we usually have to decline. The reason is that we find items at their lowest prices in order to pass our great prices on to you. We do not want to offend you in asking you to sell your treasure for a very low price so for that reason we have to decline. We spend a lot of time hunting for DEALS so we can give you our best prices.

So send us your comments! I'll keep you informed of our upcoming sale and will have some items listed here. So keep reading the blog and sign up so you don't miss anything!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Sandy, I,m curious about your Jenny Lind Day Bed. I recently bought one that looks just like it excect there are two short legs just in front of the front legs. They support a pull out section that makes it a 3/4 bed. The bottom is slated and every other slat is attached to the front railing which makes the pull out section. I would like to find out how old it is and what was used for the original mattress. It is 72"x24" and when pulled out it measures 72"x 42". Could you answer my questions? Thanks, Molly in Kansas

    1. Hi, Molly
      I'm sorry but I'm not going to be much help to you. I wouldn't know the age of the bed but you might find some information on the Jenny Lind site. Also, are you sure the pull out section isn't a trundle bed? Usually there would be a separate mattress (no box spring) for the pull-out section. I've seen similar trundle beds on the internet. Sorry I couldn't be more help! It sounds like you have a very special piece, however.

      Have a great week and good luck with finding more information!
      Sandy ;)

  2. I have one as well, with some differences. Mine is oak (could not tell if the one pictured is or not) and has the same frame, except for the two top spindles. I cannot see that mine were removed or broken. Also, mine came with cushions on the seat, back and sides that when you pulled out the daybed, arranged to make a mattress. I think these are quite old, though I'm not sure what they are filled with, they are heavy and dense - maybe horse hair?

    I have also had trouble finding historical information about this piece - though there are a lot of pictures available, so they must have been mass produced. Thanks in advance for any info!


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