Saturday, January 7, 2012


Remember the old black rotary phones?

We had one for sale at our last Hob Nobber event. My granddaughter who has grown up with cell phones, asked how you called people on these phones. She was amazed at how long it took to dial the number and then wait for the dial to go back around before dialing the next number. "That would take FOREVER to call someone!", she said, remembering that she had programmed her   cell phone to only have to press one button to reach her favorite people.

It also struck me again that things that were an everyday item in my life as a girl are now being thought of as "vintage"! Yikes! And as for the old phones  I also remember having party lines where maybe 5 families had the same line and if someone else was on the line when you went to make a call you had to hang up, quietly of course, so as not to disturb the conversation, and wait your turn. Sometimes I sat by the phone and picked up the receiver several times before the other party finally hung up.

But I always figured that SOME people listened in on your conversations even though that was "improper". I was such a compliant child that I don't really remember listening in to anyone's conversation. ; )  But I'm sure there were SOME PEOPLE out there who listened in!

Speaking of "vintage"  things, my husband and I were going through drawers the other day in order to begin the major organizing project that we committed to for 2012, and  we found two "love bead" necklaces from the 60's and early 70's that my husband had worn at one time. If you knew my husband now you would never guess that he might have followed that trend back in the day. Here they are:

The beads went with  his brown and navy polyester leisure suits and platform shoes. He was also sporting a goatee at the time and curly hair ala Napolean Dynamite. I'm picturing this now and laughing hysterically once again. He thought he was "all that" at the time. I wish I had a picture of it but we haven't gotten to the closet where all the old photos are stashed. But when we DO, you know it's going on the blog!

It's been a lot of fun so far going through our old stuff from the "olden days" and cleaning out. The laughter kind of takes the sting out of being "vintage" aged.  So as we continue our organizing, I'll share some fun memories of our vintage past. Maybe we'll even sell the love beads at our next Hob Nobber event!

Coming soon... A photo of the love beads and Les in his polyester leisure suit.

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