Friday, February 24, 2012


If you haven't "gotten into" PINTEREST yet, you might want to check it out by first going to MY PINTEREST boards. And even if you have your OWN board, go check mine out... I've been finding some pretty neat vintage stuff on there and you'll want to see what I've found!

If you're new to PINTEREST, it's a place to collect photos of things that interest you ( pins ) and put your favorite pins  on a "board" that you've labeled. Here are a few pins from my "VINTAGE" board: 
This is probably a bit "Christmasy" but I LOVE the bright colors!

I really like the rustic pieces and the teal color is quickly becoming a favorite!

Just a sweet vignette with shades of white and gray.

Old, rustic, and quaint with a hint of green.

Aren't these GREAT? When you keep clicking on the photo on PINTEREST   it eventually leads you to the person who posted the item and often it's a place where you may purchase the item such as an ETSY shop. Some of the photos are design ideas from magazine's and others come from individual's blogs. If you are "into" PINTEREST you'll know that it can be habit forming and you end up sitting at the computer for hours! ; }  But if you haven't started yet and if you'd like to save yourself from this "disease", I'll help you as I've already got the "disease" myself  anyway.

So here's what you can do and save yourself a LOT of time:   Go to my PINTEREST button on the right sidebar and click on it. It will take you to my BOARDS. Then look for the VINTAGE board. You'll find all kinds of fun, creative ideas. Stop back anytime you need inspiration and get on my board. Read the description on the board. I'll be sharing these photos on my blog here from time to time but for some "in depth" looks go to my boards!

So what do people "pin"? Anything that interests or inspires them from design ideas, garden ideas, recipes, treasures of a certain color palette, you name it, people "pin" it!

To save you time, I suggest you just look at my VINTAGE board this time around. Let yourself just be inspired by all the vintage/shabby chic treasures shown and DREAM! And if you just can't resist the temptation, go ahead and start pinning your own boards. But don't say I didn't warn you!


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