Saturday, February 25, 2012


I've been reading a new devotional that my Mom gave me. She was given a copy when she was in the hospital and enjoyed it and wanted to pass a copy on to me.In fact she gave everyone in the family a copy! So I'm "sharing" it here with you. Sarah Young, the author of this book, has written this devotional as if written by Jesus. It's different from any devotional I've read and I've read a few over the years.

 This may seem off the topic of "vintage treasures" but not really... It's about the BEST TREASURE of all and is OLDER than any of the treasures I've shared on this blog! This is THE BEST devotional I've ever read and encourages me every morning! I've already told several people about this book and always get the same reaction after they purchase it. They AGREE it is the BEST!

You can purchase a copy right now ( and not even leave  the comfort of your chair) by going to my Book Shoppe on the right sidebar. It's in the Christian section. Buy it today and better yet, buy SEVERAL  to give away as gifts! That's what I'M going to do! It's THAT GOOD! If you're already reading it, leave a comment here and let others know what you think.

I also purchased the child's version for my youngest granddaughter as well as the adult version for my older granddaughter. The nice part is that everyone in our family ( three generations of families ) has a copy (or two ) and we're all reading it!  It's for the men also and they love it as much as we women!

You might think I'm going a bit overboard in my encouraging you to get this book. But after you read it, you also will become as enthused as I am! Promise! I also know I'm sounding like a salesman (er woman ) but that's just because I really like it and I like sharing. ; ) And I just thought I'd make it easy for you by getting it into my bookstore here so you can order now. If you purchase a copy, come back and leave a comment letting me know what you think! No matter WHERE you purchase your copy!


  1. Hello Sandy!
    Like you, my mother presented me with this wonderful devotional last year. For this past Christmas I sent a copy to far away friends and gave a copy to each of my sons. Sarah has truly shared her heart's passion for others to learn what Christ shared with her during their time of communing together daily. Each one of us can experience this relationship with Christ!
    Having just been through the Easter season again I am reminded of the price Jesus paid for ME!! He longs to have a moment by moment relationship with each one of us. JESUS CALLING makes it possible to find your way to learn just how much Jesus loves each one of us. Every thought shared is supported with Bible verses that can lift us out of the miry clay of life and put us on higher ground where we can firmly stand! WHAT JOY!!
    Springtime blessings.......Sandie

  2. Hi, Sandie

    Thanks for sharing! You expressed it beautifully!
    God Bless...Sandy :)


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