Monday, May 21, 2012


I found some great treasures over the weekend but I'm  not going to let you see them until my next post. So be sure and come back to see what I found.

Our home...
 Today was a busy day at the Plummer House. In case you haven't read this on my blog, we live in a 49 room historical mansion that we oversee as Resident Directors. People can rent the house for events, the most popular event being weddings. It is called the Plummer House because that is the name of the doctor who owned it many years ago. He worked closely with the famous Mayo brothers, Dr Will and  Dr Charlie. Dr Plummer passed away at an early age and after living alone for some time in this big house Mrs Plummer  gave it to the local Art Center and later it was given to the City of Rochester.

 One of our responsibilities at the house is to  show people through the house so they can see where their event will take place and answer their questions. So today several people had appointments to do just that. In addition, the gardeners were here to work on the the gardens and lawn, riding around on their little John Deeres and painters came to paint the woodwork on the outside of the house. There was a lot of work going on all at the same time. Les, my husband, was scurrying around answering questions with our three year old grandson, Charlie, following him everywhere. Charlie likes to be Grampa's helper walking around with his hands in his pockets and thinking he's a "working man", as he likes to call himself. I was busy planting flowers in planters for my Mom and I to take to the cemetery for Memorial Day.

When it was time for lunch I went to get Charlie. He came walking out of the front door of the house, hands now on his hips and his head hanging low as if dejected. I asked him what was wrong and with a long sigh he said, " I have to have surgery." Charlie does NOT MISS A THING! He picks up bits and pieces of conversation and then uses them on us, much to our surprise. So in my most concerned voice I said, " Oh my goodness, why do you have to have surgery? What is wrong?" He let out another long sigh and said, " I have hiccups and diarrhea." I suggested that maybe lunch would help. He thought he'd give lunch a try and see.

Tonight we sat and enjoyed the  view of the grounds and gardens and the soothing sound of the fountains. We have a video of Dr Plummer doing the same thing. I think he would have approved.


  1. What a beautiful home and an interesting life you lead! You must meet lots of nice people!

    1. It has been an exciting opportunity for sure! We feel very blessed!

  2. Someday we hope to see you and the Plummer House.

  3. That would be GREAT! Would love to see you here!


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