Saturday, May 26, 2012


So here are the "latest finds" I promised to show you. I wish I had the time to set up cute little vignettes with all these treasures.( Actually decorating and setting up vignettes is one of my favorite parts of being a " Hob Nobber"...after the "hunting" part, of course.) But my Hob Nobber room is full to the brim with stuff  and I can hardly get in there so you'll have to just IMAGINE the treasures in a cute little setting! But I like  to give you  sneak peeks of what's to come so here they are...just by themselves in a photo.

Gorgeous three drawer section to a vintage sewing machine

Vintage wooden buoy found in Florida

Colorful vintage curtains now hanging in my Hob Nobber room. 6 panels of them

Six adorable antique children's folding chairs. But I might have to keep some for my grandkids.

Seven 1940's cards used in keeping track of bridge scores. But you could use them for whatever your imagination comes up with.

Oops! I thought I turned this one around. Don't have time now... Well, it's a tablecloth on the right and two little "dress shaped" potholders on the left.

Vintage sled from Germany purchased from a couple who just returned from having lived there for 35 years. How cute is that?

Large enamel pot

Lovely blue quilt

                                                    AND THERE IS SOOOO MUCH MORE TO COME!


  1. What amazing finds! I love the pretty quilt and that buoy is something I'm looking for, too! I want to put authentic nautical things above my cabinets in Florida! I can't wait to get started looking!

  2. I was SO excited to find the buoy when we were on vacation! I wish I had a vacation home to put some of my nautical stuff in but I'm finding places for them in my home anyway.


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