Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I've just entered a Give-Away with the challenge to write a post explaining how I came up with the name of my blog.  Karen from "MY COLONIAL HOME" and K&M Primitives blogs is putting on this Give-AWay! The deadline is soon so I have to get crackin'. So here's MY story:

Several years ago a couple of friends, Renee and Karen, and I  ( see photo  ) rented a room in a historical mansion for a  ministry's fundraiser at Christmas. The "rent money" went to a ministry that reached out to troubled youth. Most of the spaces were rented by people who were selling their HANDMADE wares but we decided to take our vintage collections, collect more, and fill the room with vintage treasures for sale. Our room ended up being the busiest, with the room so full of people one could hardly get in.  Apparently we were onto something... We did this for a few years until the ministry was not able to continue with this  fundraiser because it got so big it outgrew the house it was held in! Not a bad "problem" to have! 

We decided to continue  with our new venture "outside of the event" because it had been so successful. People kept wondering where "our shop" was. At that point we didn't even have a name, let alone a shop! The following year we decided to go it alone and have a small event in the same house where the larger event was held but be the only vendors. This time people were lined up at the door a half hour before we opened. They also wanted to stay in touch with us so they would know when our next event would be held, something we weren't even sure of ourselves! At that point we decided we needed to get a bit more organized. We took names for a mailing list, picked a name for the business/hobby, and I started to blog about our finds.

I had been describing our hunt for treasures as "hobnobbing" all over the country looking for treasures. Hobnobbing being a term I had heard from my Grandma as something meaning, "traipsing" all over. So I just picked up the term and turned it into Hob Nobbers, meaning ( in MY mind ) someone who Hob Nobbs all over, in our case, looking for treasures. And it sounded cute so I went with it. I then used the name of our hobby/business as my blog name. Thus the blog became, Hob Nobbers.

At our last sale, however, a young man came in with his Ipod or was it an Ipad, having looked up the Urban definition of Hob Nobber and it said the definition was:

"People who are frickin' awesome but most of the time nerdy."

 LOL. We decided that described us also!

Had to leave some pretty Autumn color...
We're having a great time hunting for treasures to share, keeping some for ourselves, and BONUS!... Making some money at it!

So that's our story and we're sticking with it!


  1. HOW FUN....I love how your name started and that you kept it for your blog...oh how fun it would have been to shop in your booth for this fundraiser - I love it when I go to events and see one booth that is over flowing with shoppers...makes me want to go too and see what all the excitement is all about. Excitement draws excitement.

  2. Cute story...I just became your newest follower...Blessings...Pam

  3. Thank you for following, Pam!

  4. thanks for posting.


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