Saturday, September 22, 2012


So my husband, Les, and I made it to the last day of Junk Bonanza in Shakopee, Minnesota. It was the first Junk Bonanza event that we've gone to and we both had a great time. If you're not familiar with this event, it's the brainchild of Ki Nassauer, also founder and editor of Flea Market magazine. Held twice a year, the event has hundreds of vendors marketing "repurposed junk" along with  antiques and vintage treasures.  There was also a small "shop" selling "Junk Bonanza" T-shirts. The T-shirts for men said, "Junk Hunk". We thought maybe our husbands should wear these at our next event. : )

 The event was held at Canterbury Downs, a horse race-track, so it was interesting to see where that is held as well... even though we don't go to the races. Anyhoo, we saw many fun ideas for repurposing, decorating, and creating. And we  even found some repurposing ideas we hope to recreate for you for our next sale! But don't worry we WON'T be making the "dolls" shown below...

As usual I got so caught up in looking at all the "stuff" I forgot to take a lot of photos. But I DID take a few which are shown below.

Lamp shade repurposed with misc. vintage pieces.

Assorted rustic pieces.

My husband, the sports fanatic, found many interesting things to peak his interests.
Old books and a sweet child's leather shoe.

Ghostly creations just in time for Halloween

Colorful linens, always MY favorite
Doll parts, cans, and other misc. pieces repurposed into "dolls". My young granddaughter saw this and said, " That is SO disturbing." I think I agree.
Another very "disturbing" doll.

And most disturbing of all....

OK, so apparently I missed taking photos of the really beautiful pieces. I even purchased a few of them myself. I don't have photos of those yet but they'll be up soon for you to see. Also, to read more about Junk Bonanza, go here.


  1. looks fun, sure wish it was closer...Love the lamp shade

    1. It WAS fun and I'm so thankful there is something so close like this to attend without having to travel a great distance.

  2. What a fun event that would be! Ki is truly a creative genius. Some of her ideas and creations are way out there but it's amazing the things she can come up with! Your granddaughters response to the "dolls" cracked me up, lol! I agree... very disturbing.

    Have a delightful week~

  3. I just responded to your comment on my blogpost and now see you DID post about your adventure there! Isn't it fun to see things through someone else's eyes? I agree about the doll heads... very bizarre however, there are a lot of people who get that! I loved the vintage linens,too! Did you have any of the mini-donuts?


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