Thursday, November 1, 2012


I can't believe it's already November! Where is the time going? September and October just WHIZZED by! I still need to take down the few Halloween decorations I  have. I won't put any Christmas decorations up until after Thanksgiving. For the rest of this month  until after Thanksgiving I will focus on Giving Thanks by continuing to write in my gratitude journal the things for which I am grateful.

November will be a time for me to regroup before the rush of Christmas and focus daily on:

1) Gratitude to God
2) Family and Friends
3) Simple Daily Pleasures
4) Planning a Thanksgiving Feast
5) Rest before the busyness of Christmas
6) Taking time to reflect

 I don't want to make Thanksgiving just a prelude to Christmas. I want  to enjoy the moments and meaning of this special day and try to capture its beauty all through the month. It seems it's the holiday that has less commercialization attached to it so it's easier to focus on the true meaning.

Of course I hope to add some bits of Thanksgiving cheer around the house. And I'll take time to sit with a cup of coffee or tea and peruse magazines or PINTEREST for exciting new recipes to try for Thanksgiving dinner. My family won't let me change many of the old favorites, however. They're sticklers for tradition. Some things ALWAYS have to stay the same.

I'll look for fun crafts for the grandchildren to do on Thanksgiving day. I'll ponder the table decorations. Should they be simple and primitive or elegant and traditional? Should I have special invitations or send out e-mails?

We always have guests that don't have family or a place to go and every year new friends are made. 

 Today I am thankful that I am blessed SO ABUNDANTLY that I  even have choices about such things.

Please join me daily in expressing thanks during  the month of November. Let's share the Thanks-giving!


  1. It's crazy that it's November already! I love Thanksgiving, but I always feel it gets pushed aside by Halloween and Christmas. Your photos are so lovely, especially the white pumpkins photo! ~Michelle

  2. I am thankful for November, God blessed me with a Mother that had a November birthday on the 19th(she has passed on) and my second daughter,whose birthday is today the 3rd. I agree that we should be thankful everyday for all God's blessings and for the most blessed one of all, His son Jesus Christ!
    I love your table settings.


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