Sunday, December 9, 2012

                                              SILENT NIGHT, HOLY NIGHT

                                      A Pause In Advent

                                            We awakened to a beautiful snowfall...

And enjoyed a cup of Christmas Tea.

While watching our paperwhites grow almost before our eyes.

Read a lovely devotional...

And then spent the morning in church with family and friends listening to a beautiful musical with choir and orchestra.

Enjoy this rendition of Silent Night.

Happy Advent. 


  1. Looks like you got more snow than we did over here in Central Wisconsin, though we had a lovely mid-December day of constant flurries too.

    I've been wishing I had all the ingredients to make a wassail, it just sounds so good for weather like this.

  2. We have so much to be thankful for at this time of year. Sweet holiday hugs!

  3. This is a lovely post! When we get snow like that, churches (and schools)are closed! (We just aren't prepared for it, but it has happened once or twice in the last three, strange years.) We're going to an English Language Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols tonight, so it's great to hear Silent Night to get me in the mood. Thanks also for your comment - of course this post isn't selfish - I just chose a different theme this week!

  4. Am going to listen to the carol right this minute. And look at your snow picture while listening.

  5. Oh how lovely! I feel like I was almost there!

  6. Hi Sandy!
    Someone told me about that particular devotional just this last weekend. I think I need it!
    I love your tea cups!

  7. Beautiful tea, beautiful snowfall! It's still green here...last year it pretty much stayed green all winter long (Iowa). I love the appearance of snow, we need the moisture, and snow cover protects the perennials so I guess I could say I'm ready; however, we had a 50 degree day yesterday and I was loving it!


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