Monday, January 21, 2013


Well, here we are at session 3 of the workshop, Live Your Dream Life NOW! I hope you're all keeping up, however, it really doesn't matter how long it takes you as long as you do the sessions in order. You  may  already have noticed  how one session connects with the next. And this next one does as well. So if you didn't do the last session, make sure you do that one first before you tackle this one.
Get into your cozy spot, with your tea or coffee and journal.

Get are getting closer...

In last week's assignment  of describing your Dream Life I hope you considered your values, priorities, talents, and all those things that described your authentic self. Your "Dream Life" is only truly your authentic dream life when you take into consideration all those things you wrote about that described yourself in the first assignment.

This week's "dream work" is fairly easy! Well, at least I think so! Here it is:

1)  In your dream journal make 2 columns and write at the top of column one, "Dream List" and the top of the second column, "WHY?"

2)  Take the items you described in your "Dream Life"and put them in column one under " LIST." 
        For example if you described yourself living in a stone house in the country and having a barn     with horses. Your list would look like this:   Stone house in country
                                                                       Have a Barn
                                                                       Owning horses

OK. You get the idea. Simple, right?

3) Then for each of the items you listed, ask yourself, "WHY do I want this?" Try to get to the "REAL why" underlying a "SURFACE why".
  For example, when I did this, I had on my list " take our children, their spouses, grandchildren, and my Mom to Disney World". Why? Well, who wouldn't want to go to Disney World, right? OK, but digging deeper into my "WHY", my REAL reason underlying everything was that I wanted to make memories with my whole family. So I put that down as the "real why". This may take some extra thought. Be sure and take into consideration  your authentic self by looking at your "self description" in assignment #1. Put your "whys" under the second column listed "WHY?"

In each assignment you may discover something about yourself that you hadn't thought of before. Or maybe there was something that you thought you knew and was confirmed during these exercises. Be on the lookout for things that you are learning about yourself! At the same time, you are getting closer to understanding how to live your dream life!

                                                    HAPPY DREAMING....

OK, That's it for this week!  Have a wonderful week!  And if  you here for the "Grow Your Blog" party and you'd like to enter my Give-Away go to the previous post.

Newbies...  If you're here and are interested in this workshop, go to my Nov. 26th post for more information on how to get started!


  1. This week was super easy for me. I knew all my reasons without a second thought.

    1. Hey, that's great! You know yourself very well!

  2. Well I'm keeping up as best as I can with it turns out my dream life is getting simpler but the main thing holding me back is the fact that we are dirt poor and literally living check to check with no hope of ever paying off our debts or buying a house.

    1. Hang in there, JoJo,and never, never, never give up. Also, begin to BELIEVE that YOU CAN!

  3. I'm enjoying this series. It's a good way to lay everything out and really take a look at my life.

    JoJo, I feel the same way - we are fighting a losing battle financially with no end in sight. We need to make a change and I'm hoping this will help guide me to something.


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