Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Many wonderful bloggers have developed interesting and engaging blogs through their interests and hobbies. They found their niche in blogland. But I'm sure there are some of you bloggers out there who, like me,  are still trying to find their niche or have changed their blogs to reflect a different sort of niche. I've been trying to find my voice here in blogland since I started blogging. What started out as a blog to update our fabulous Hob Nobber customers about our next sales event has turned into much more than that. Since we only have 2-3 occasional sales a year there is only so much one can blog about to keep our customers abreast of what's to come. And in the meantime I've been "all over the place" sharing everything from family activities, to workshops, to recipes, to decor, and on and on and on. I even started SEVERAL BLOGS just to keep each blog devoted to one subject. But then I just couldn't keep up with all those blogs! Whew, what was I thinking? ... So I removed them! Hah! I know there are many of you out there who have more than one blog but I just couldn't keep up and still have a LIFE! But that's just ME! There was just too much going on! It  made me feel a bit scattered and I prefer ORDER, a topic for just ONE of my former blogs by the way.

But I love blogging so I had to decide...what do I want my blog to be about? What topic should I choose? What is my little niche?  What sort of a blog would bring my interests/hobbies together into one cohesive blog? So through a questionnaire I designed, I came up with a niche of sorts that brings my interests and hobbies together into one cohesive ( I hope ) blog.

So I decided that it's time for a new direction for my blog!  I'm working on a new name, new header, and a slightly different direction for my blog.  But don't worry,  I will always include my Hob Nobber vintage finds and many things will stay the same so I'm keeping this blog open instead of beginning a new blog.

Since Spring is a time for new beginnings I decided that I'd  shoot for the start of this new endeavor  in early Spring!  I believe this new direction will help keep me focused on my own little blog niche and will authentically reflect who I am while engaging  like-minded women. In the meantime I'll be sharing some hints of what's to come.

Where does THIS fit into my new blog niche? THIS, believe it or not is the name of a restaurant in China that my daughter and her husband spotted.  It's called the Modern Toilet! Why? Scroll down.

                                             Why, you sit on TOILETS, of course!

EEEEEEWWWWWWWW!  I'll be sharing the crazy adventures of my daughter and her husband in China. Go to to read more about the work they do.

So stay tuned for the NEW HOB NOBBERS in the near future!


  1. Good luck, Sandy! I know you will find your niche and then you'll fill it quite nicely!
    xo Beth

  2. Lol, I had to laugh Sandy and say Whew! I'm not the only one and I only had two blogs. I couldn't keep up with both so they both suffered. I kept them separated... one for family, then one for primitives and decorating. I did a blog post recently on this very subject. I decided at the beginning of the year that it was time for a change because like you... I love blogging and all the friends I've made and all the different things they talk about on their blogs! So I combined my two blogs into one. I'll admit that I was very scared at first, afraid I might lose something but my old blog is still there, it won't be deleted until I delete it so if in the future if I decide, I can always go back to two separate ones. I don't see that happening though. This has definitely been the best choice I could have made! I'm finally being consistent with my posting and I finally feel comfortable with talking about anything I want w/o worry of what others will think.

    Anyway, sorry for all the rambling. I'll still follow you whatever you decide! =]. Btw... I love your header pictures, very pretty!

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience. It encourages me that it worked for YOU! I'll let you know if it works for me later on, but I'm hopeful!
      And don't worry... you weren't rambling. It was helpful!

  3. It sounds interesting...more interesting than the restaurant! lol I look forward to your posts! Hugs!

  4. Sandy
    I can't wait to see what direction you take with your blog!

  5. Sandy,
    My blog also features a little bit of everything. I suppose I lean more heavily towards home decorating, but I think it's okay for a blog to be all-encompassing. After all, our lifestyles and interest evolve as we do. My blog certainly isn't the same as it was when I started it in 2010, because my life isn't the same as it was. Anyway, whatever you choose will be great. Can't wait to learn more.


  6. My blog has gone all over the place, too...but it reflects who I am right was who I was in 2007 when I was blogging then. We change, so our blogs change along with us. I have changed my background, but never the name or had more than you, I don't know how someone can keep up two! Mine was almost completely written posts the first three years. Now, it's mostly pictures. The purchase of a camera changed my blog. I didn't make a conscience decision to do so, but it just evolved on its own.

    That restaurant is too funny! Not too sure that would go over here....kind of makes you think it would be I LOVE the little pillows! Have fun with your blog!

  7. I couldn't do more than one blog, I have a time with just one. I do enjoy blogging and getting to know other bloggers. I just talk about whatever is going on in my life and hope others find it somewhat interesting. I don't know about eating in a restaurant with toilet seats, that's a first.


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