Tuesday, February 19, 2013


A cup of tea...one of life's simple pleasures.

This cup is a minty green with golden ( is there a correct word for this? )  flowers and vines. It's from England. Under the cup it says,  Royal Vale ,while the saucer says, Mayfair. It definitely belongs together. Can any of you china experts explain this?

I wish you could see the mint color. It is so soft and pretty. I tried to find some colors that would hi-lite the color but it didn't work as well as I wanted it to. I took the photos in a bedroom that is a girly-girl room that my granddaughters stay in when we have overnights. It has the same minty green color as that in the cup and saucer.

This is a vintage bird cage that sits in the girls room. I purchased it at an antique shop in Florida. I can't believe I hauled that thing home all the way from Florida! It has a big metal base. I bought the old bridal veil at a garage sale for my granddaughters to dress up in. It looks cute on the birdcage.

The room also has several small feathered pillows with vintage pillow cases.

I turned this old photo into a framed collage. The words, "You Can Smile" are at the bottom torn from an old vintage songbook.

This little vintage plant holder sits in the room as well.  I like to decorate "their room" with vintage items to introduce them to different decor. Their rooms at home are all teen and preteen decor... Justin Bieber  and Taylor Swift posters galore! A few times during the summer when I do my "picking" for our vintage sales I take them "shopping" with me. I give them some money and help them pick out some vintage treasures to sell. They are getting a good eye for finding treasures. They keep the money they have made on their sales. I show them how to build a business this way. They also help work at the sale. So they are getting some good experiences!

When one of my granddaughters, Bri, was too young to really help out we were trying to come up with a "job" for her at the sale that didn't require much responsibility. She came up with idea of being "security". We figured she'd just walk around and feel important with that title. Well, she took her title a bit too seriously and was eyeing people like a hawk and then "reporting" suspicious activity to us! We had to give her another job so we told her she could tell people there was free gourmet coffee in the dining room. She was VERY EXUBERANT about that job also but at least it was a bit more friendly work.  Below is a photo of Brianna (a bit older here  ) and her sister, Ashley, below.

                                                             And little brother, Charlie.

                                   Time spent with grandchildren.... PRICELESS!

I'm joining the following parties...

Teacup Tuesday at Artful Affirmations
Tuesday Cuppa Tea at Antiques and Teacups
Tea Time Tuesday at Rose Chintz Cottage


  1. Your teacup is pretty. So are your grandgirls! Love how you decorated the birdcage, Sandy.

  2. It's all very pretty, Your grands are so cute.

  3. Hi Sandy,
    You have beautiful grandchildren! Love the vintage pillow cases. You know, your teacup appears pale pink on my screen instead of minty green. I have one similar but mine is pale pink and it's made by Colclough. Yours is very pretty. Thank you for sharing with us and coming to tea.


  4. Great treasures - both in goods and in grandchildren!

  5. Sweet and lovely post Sandy! I love seeing your grandchildren. They are adorable.
    Your tea cup is a sweet vintage one! I wish I could see the true color, but I know what you mean, it is hard to do with some colors and some shiny surfaces. I loved gold trim and this cup has a pretty design. I have had cups before that truly look like they match but are from different companies.

  6. I have some similar teacups, also made by Colclough, they are pale blue with the same type of gold flowers . I love them.

    Your grandchildren are beautiful, and what a good idea, teaching them about business, and how to help out.They will probably always treasure their time with you and one day be telling their own grandchildren about these times with Grandma.


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