Thursday, February 21, 2013


I'm sharing this photo for Flashback Friday over at Seaside Simplicity. It's an old photo ( torn corner and all ) of my sister, Vicki, and I about 45 years ago. YIKES! We're OLD now! I'm on the right. I'm not sure where we were going with our coats on but it was taken in our living room. Apparently hats and muffs were IN.

Vicki is younger but I was shorter. Even though we don't look much different in height, I was very small back in the day. My hair started out blonde but got darker as the years went by. Vicki's hair stayed blonde for a much longer time. We were rather different back in those days.   But now we're looking more and more alike. Sorry, I'm not going to share an updated photo. But now I've got the blonder hair! Hah! How did THAT happen?

We stay in touch through cell phone and e-mail. She texts a LOT!  Vicki lives in Florida with her husband, Larry. They have a beautiful home there with an indoor pool and a tennis court.  Nice place to visit!   : )

We continue to try and make family memories together and have taken  all of our children and grandchildren on vacations together. We also have a family blog that we can ALL post on and share photos. That way we don't have to share them with the whole world on Facebook although we do that also. What did we do before the internet and cell phones?

I'm joining FLASHBACK FRIDAY  . Go check it out!

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  1. Your pigtails are cute, and I love the hat and muff! I, too, have a sister and we are best friends. I truly don't know what I'd do without her. Sisters are blessings!


  2. Oh, muffs and double breasted coats!!! Loved them! Aren't you a beauty?! I'll bet you had all the boys chasing you! Those were good times back in the late 60's. It's wonderful that you and your sister have stayed close, even though you are far way. Visiting from Flashback Friday. :)

  3. How cute you both are and I love the coats and muff! My sister and I are only 2 years apart and looked very different growing up...her with dark hair, me blond...but now we look more alike, too! Happy Friday!

  4. OH a cute cute photo. How lucky you are to have a sister.

  5. Sweet picture! So good that you two keep in touch! :)

  6. You two were adorable! I agree with JoAnn, you are very lucky to have a sister. Thanks for linking up at Flashback Friday Sandy. I'm off to check out the giveaway now. Have a great weekend!

  7. I wish I had a sister, you girls look adorable. I did however have one of those cool muffs, they were awesome weren't they?!

    Visiting from Seaside Simplicity. New Follower...

  8. A lovely picture of you and your sister, years fly by so quickly. My sister and l have never looked much alike, l don't look much like mum and dad either, but l see now that l am getting some of my grans features - loveliest way to age, looking more like my sweet gran :-) Pam x

  9. Such a cute picture - love your smile!

  10. What a precious photo, Sandy! It's truly lovely and I'm so glad you shared it with us :)

    Hugs to you,

  11. How about that muff? You don't see them much anymore. Cute old photo.


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