Sunday, March 10, 2013


This weekend I came down with the flu. YECH! So while yesterday I was in bed all day, today I'm feeling a bit better and recovering while spending some time "shopping" on the internet, with my tea and lozenges nearby.


They make it so easy with Pay Pal and one click of a button I can shop even when I'm not feeling the best. And I'm needing a Spring bag or tote. I'm kind of a bag lady. I love, love, love all bags.  I guess you could say I'm a collector of bags. Okay, maybe it's an addiction. But there is an upside  to this addiction which I'll share later. See if you can guess what it is.

Anyway, today I'm looking for a large bag or tote for every day use. It has to be large because everyone  in the family hands me all their stuff to carry. Does this sound familiar to anyone?  I have to have one MAIN BIG BAG  for car keys, tissues, hand sanitizer, make-up bag ( that calls for another small  bag), my mini calendar, a magazine or book just in case, gum, hand lotion, small emergency flashlight, OK I probably don't need the flashlight but you know what I'm talking about. You become the family pack mule! Is that why they call it a "carryall"?

I've tried to talk to my husband about getting a murse ( man purse) but he won't have anything to do with that!  Haha. My auto correct speller keeps trying to turn murse into nurse. Read that line again and insert "nurse".

I like casual bags to carry during the day when I have to carry all this stuff so this is what I found.

 I also love vintage, can you tell?

                                                        I could go on all day with fun purses, bags, and totes but you get the idea. I started a Pinterest board of bags and totes so check it out.

But the one MAIN BIG BAG I need is just ONE bag. Then I need nicer bags for when I go out, a beach bag for going to the beach, a bag for my computer and another one for my  iPad,  a make-up bag, a book bag to take to the library, and on and on and on. It doesn't help my "addiction" that you can find lots of bags for cheap at garage sales.

I found something interesting while doing a word search for "large purse". The Urban Dictionary says that "duck diving" is the term used for when you dig into your purse looking for something as a  duck dives it's head into the water. Example: He: "What are you doing with your head in your purse?" She: "I'm duck diving for my lipstick." I think I'm going to start using that phrase.

But here's the great thing, the upside, about my bag addiction: It keeps me organized. There is a "bag" for everything and everything stays in its own little bag. I love being organized as much as I love bags! Oh, YIKES, is that another addiction? But there's an upside to being organized, which I'll share about in my next post. Right now I'm going duck diving for some tissue.


  1. Love the first two bags. I need them. I have never been a bag girl I collect shoes. Hope you feel better soon:)

    1. My daughter collects shoes too! I'm feeling better already, thanks!

  2. Do you want to hear a sad, sad tale? My husband inadvertantly (at least that is his story) took all my tote bags to Goodwill when we moved. I am still upset about it a year later. I still haven't gotten any totes to replace them...
    I love those sacks that are made from bags...very nice!

    1. Oh, that is SO sad! I am so sorry! But after a year, you might want to let it go..just sayin.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. My daughter calls me the "bag lady" for more reasons than one. LOL. I have way too many purses, totes, beach bags and don't even get me started on backpacks - those are a whole different category. Feel better!!

    1. So I'm not the only one! You've made me feel a lot better!

  4. You are just flat dab funny when you are sick. I loved this post. :) Duck diving...never heard of that, but I think I'll use it tomorrow when I go to work. Maybe we can get something started....oh, heck...they are all young, so they probably already have heard and used that term.

    My daughter has a purse addiction....and she also buys them on line. She also is very the point of being obsessive about it. I like to get one purse that just stays up on my shoulder when I put it there and it doesn't drop down onto the crook of my arm!

    I love the burlap bag in the last picture!

    1. I've never heard of the phrase, "flat dab funny" before. Haha, that's funny!

      I think you should go ahead and use the phrase, "Duck Diving"though. Just let me know if anyone looks at you strangely.
      Thanks for stopping by! ;0

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by!!

    I hope you are feeling better!!



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