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Join us for our next BIG EVENT on MAY 26th  ( 12-5 ) AND MAY 27th ( 9-5 )!  Karen, Renee, and I are busy collecting, painting, sewing, and  repurposing fun treasures. We hope you'll tell your friends and join us! We have a lot of furniture this year, industrial finds, linens, our usual unique collection of vintage fun treasures, antiques, collectibles, and MORE SURPRISES!

Below are some sneak peeks at a FEW of our found treasures. Some still in need of our handiwork...

This old mirror is going to be repurposed into a chalkboard.

Since this darling bench has some stains, I'll be painting this!

 I picked up three wooden pallets. You'll have to come to the sale to see what these will be!

           This is a vintage teal colored chair that is a brighter color than it appears here.

I LOVE this teal colored bench also! 

I'm going "teal crazy"! Here's a vintage teal basket.

                                              The perfect little wooden organizer!

This is a very large heavy vintage cotton fabric that was used to make sacks for hominy grits. Could be used as an informal extra big tablecloth or cut and make your own sacks. Hmmmm. Maybe I should have cut this and sold the sacks!  ; )   Just don't have time....

 A special find: I'll have a  small selection of vintage European shams and tablecloths. These come from Estates in Europe.

To see more of what will be at the sale go to my Hob Nobber Finds page at the top.

Science has never drummed up quite as effective a tranquilizing agent as a sunny Spring day. W. Earl Hall
Wishing you many relaxing Spring days ahead!  Sandy

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