Thursday, April 25, 2013


It has taken me a while to get back into blogging after our trip to Florida. We came home to a myriad of things we had to take care of and blogging took a back seat to everything, despite my good intentions. But I'm back and hopefully on track to bring you some new avenues of fun on my blog.

It's FIVE FUN FINDS FRIDAY where I'll share five favorite things I've found for sale on the internet. Today I'm posting SPRING FINDS that will help me get geared up for Spring! I know Spring technically arrived a month ago but I've yet to see Spring like weather here so I'm feeling like it's just arriving! So what could be better than to bring in some bright colorful Spring treasures into my home? Today's finds are all handmade and come from Etsy.

                                  I found this lovely Country Cottage Spring Wreath...

It's a white berry wreath with a colored ribbon of your choice. You can also choose a lovely scent from a vast selection. This could be hung on the front door or even inside. I would choose the Eucalyptus scent with the green ribbon and I would hang it on my front door. I can envision people smiling as they come in the door catching the beauty  of the delicate white berries along with the eucalyptus scent. You can find them here: Wild Ridge Design
                                                How about a dozen sweet Fabric Tulips?
Tulips are one of my favorite Spring flowers! I found these fun handmade cotton tulips  at Happy Dolls. I would arrange them in my favorite vintage container for a colorful bright spot in our home. The best part is that they will last forever!

              Adding new bright colorful pillows to my home will bring Spring right inside!                             

                                      Made to order, these pillows are from Skoope Home.

After adding a few bright spots to our home I think I'll head to the Farmer's Market on my bike with my new Bike Basket from Joanna's Collections.

           How fun is that? The baskets are handwoven with buckled leather straps. I'll get some much needed exercise as well!

                   I'll also need something to carry my  goodies around the market. I'm kind of addicted to bags so...

 I found this very cute handmade striped bag at Kiwicanta that would be perfect! I could also take this to the beach or gym. Love it!

 Hmmm. I see a pattern here. I'm kind of leaning toward the color green this year.

So what would be YOUR choices to say hello to Spring?


  1. Love the basket and the beach bag - I'd buy either.

    1. You are so energetic! I can see you with these things!

  2. I LOVE pretty pillows and that striped bag is gorgeous! I've made a couple similar to that one! They are fun to the beach or any trip! Love your picks! Hugs!

    1. You are SO talented! I could NEVER make a bag like that!

  3. I love all your pretty spring finds, but I think I really need that bike basket. SO good looking! Have you noticed all the pictures around of bikes with bunches of flowers in the baskets? SO cheery! Happy weekend!

    1. I HAVE seen all the old bikes with baskets of flowers! Love them!

  4. Everything is so pretty! I especially like the wreath :) Have a great weekend!


    1. I love the wreath also! I don't have it yet but I just might have to get that one for sure!

  5. Love the spring wreath! Great finds.
    Enjoy your weekend,


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