Thursday, May 23, 2013


Sorry I've been away for so long! I've been  busy getting ready for the big sale! See details on the right sidebar. We have many more beautiful linens than ever and MORE furniture. I'm really excited for you to see what we have!

I haven't had time to take photos so you'll just have to be surprised! But here are a couple of pictures of some of our smaller items that I had taken earlier when I had a bit more time. Then things got crazy!

Here's a Staffordshire cup and saucer, and there will be many more "pretties", as Hob Nobber Karen likes to call them, for sale as well.
Here is just ONE of the MANY vintage tablecloths and  new ones will be added on the second day!

An antique hotel bell, flower frog, old spoons, vintage glass creamer, all shown here. Sorry, the gum display in the back is not for sale. But we'll have many more vintage and antique "smalls".

 Sorry, that's it for the photos! But there are MORE TREASURES....
Here's a "short list" of furniture or large pieces: small vintage kitchen cupboard,  dresser, washstand, table and 4 chairs,  vintage coffee tables, primitive bench, vintage washtubs, industrial coffee table on wheels, small bench/chair, upright square Lane cedar chest, shabby stools, shabby chair, small tables, small portable vintage pool table, maple chair with embroidered seat, vintage skiis, old mirrors, and chalk boards. And this is just a beginning! If you've been to our sales before you know we are packed to the rafters with treasures big and small!

We also have a number of Red Wing bowls and serving pieces, yellow ware, wire baskets, lots of garden items and other vintage decor.

I thought I'd share a few comments we hear often from our customers:

1) "Where do you FIND all this stuff?"
 There are mainly the three of us but we have some family and sometimes a friend or two that bring in things to sell. We don't have vendors here, it's just us! We fill 6-7 large rooms packed with treasures. So many customers often wonder how we can manage to accumulate so much. We spend time throughout the year ( but mostly Spring through Fall ) on the hunt for treasures.... auctions, Estate Sales, yard sales, name it, we've checked it out! Even when we're on vacation, we're shopping for treasures to sell!

2) "Your prices are so reasonable!"
Since we don't have many overhead expenses, if WE can find a good deal on something we pass that deal onto YOU. We're happy as long as we're making a bit of money. And we are happy if antique dealers buy our things and sell them in THEIR shops. We don't have to be the last person to make some money!

3) "You have such a wide range of things."
None of us focus on a certain style of things we buy. We look for vintage items that we think our valued customers will like, but they can be ANY "style" or era ...  industrial, shabby chic, cottage, retro, mid century, rustic, elegant, country, French, primitives, etc. Our customers range from young to "older" and a whole range of "styles". We've had customers from 6 years old to 95! Everyone can find something they love here!

4) "Shopping here is so much FUN!"
 We make it kind of a party atmosphere! But "we girls" think we have more fun than anyone. We laugh a lot! Maybe way too much but we're kind of like that. We serve free gourmet coffee so you can relax and enjoy your shopping. It's a family affair. All of our families get involved from the guys helping to carry out the items that you purchase, to grandkids serving coffee or taking your items to the holding room, to checking you out, to telling you about the items or helping you find something special. A few times our guys have hauled larger items to the homes of customers, though we don't advertise that. : )  It also helps that the event takes place in a historical home that you normally have to either rent for $625 or pay to get in on tour day. We have many who wander onto the grounds, see that they can get in the house for free and then end up buying things. Everyone WINS and has a great time to boot!

5) "When is your next sale? I'm there!"
We love to hear that! We have a mailing list that I send out to tell about upcoming sales and let you know ahead of time  of some of the things we'll have.

So don't miss this next sale! It's worth a drive if you don't live in town. Take a day trip! But get here early. Customers begin lining up a half hour before the sale, sometimes earlier. After you purchase your items you can drive right up to the front door via the circle drive to pick them up. 

The forecast calls for rain but we're praying for nice weather. In either case,  don't miss this sale!  You'll be comfortable shopping in this lovely historical home.


  1. So many nice items, it looks like you're busy but in a very happy way. Time spent arranging vintage things to sell with friends is so much fun. I hope this all goes very well for you and I'll be back to check on other items offered.

  2. Hope the sale is a great success!

  3. Best wishes on your sale! Wish I could come to do some shopping.


  4. Wish l could come! Sounds such fun! Best of luck :-) Pam xx

  5. Lovely wicker plant basket. I love the little stool too.


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