Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Do you have a decor style? I keep taking little questionnaires to find "my style" but it never does seem to represent what I'd like. And I often find pretty little things at Estate Sales that I love but then I bring them home and I realize it's not the style I'm really going for. So what's the problem?

 I think I finally figured it out.  I love a lot of different styles. Yeah, that was easy! I love the serenity of a room with all natural elements. I love the fresh look of an all white room. I love color because it makes me happy! I'm naturally attracted to traditional and formal styles because that is what I grew up with. But I also love the look of casual and  farmhouse styles. Problem is, I can't have everything. So what's the answer?

 I believe the answer is found not in "finding  my style" but in "creating the style" I currently want and love.  And maybe after a while I"ll "create a different style". 

Here's the short version of what I've done so far to begin to define the style I"m loving and wanting to create right now:

1)  I found some photos on Pinterest of rooms that I love. Here are just two of the photos:

 I didn't want to begin by defining my style as "French",  "American", "Vintage" or even "Eclectic". I just wanted to describe the "feeling" of the spaces I was wanting and then the "elements" and color I wanted to bring in. So I began by asking myself the following questions:

2) "What do I like about these spaces?"

Answer: The serenity of the room ( maybe due to the natural tones ), the casual feel of the room, the natural wood tones in the furniture,  the softly aged feeling,  the uncluttered feel to the room. 

Simplified: serenity, casual, uncluttered , softly aged furnishings and look,  natural wood
tones, etc.

3) What colors do I love?

Answer: Blue is my favorite color along with natural and white tones. Maybe pops of yellow accents.

4) What elements or items do I love? 

Answer: Larger furniture pieces, solid and striped fabrics, grain sack and ticking fabric and pillows, ironstone, metal baskets, chalkboards in old frames, slip covered furnishings, some farmhouse decor, tarnished silver containers,and rustic treasures.

So now I have a "buying rule" for myself : only pick out things that fit at least one of these criteria. So piece by piece I'm changing my style. Then I'm going to come up with a "new" name for it.  It may have elements that some might think of as being "French", "Country", "Scandinavian" or others but it will be "my own style" and I will have my own name for it.  I'll let you know what name I come up with in future posts.

I started a Pinterest Board that shows photos of things I love called, "My Style". Check it out by clicking on my Pinterest link on the right sidebar. What name would you give this style?

Why not come up with your own style choices?  Begin by choosing the "feel" that you'd like to achieve, colors you love, and items or elements you'd like to incorporate as beginning steps. Don''t worry about it fitting into a category like, "French", "Retro", etc.

The main idea here is to  choose a style by picking out things you love. How fun is that? You'll be creating a new style that is uniquely you! Just like the "Pottery Barn" style has its own look and name.  Your own choices will have a "look" all your own and then you can name your own "style brand". I'd love to hear the names you come up with for your style and mine!

 I have another furniture piece for sale on Craigslist for local pick-up only. It's a lovely vintage oak table for $60. See it below.  If you're interested, just leave a comment or e-mail me. Thanks!


  1. I know what you are talking about. I love so many different things and styles. But the style I choose to live with is the one that works with my lifestyle. English Country Living is the closest I can come up with...and that is because of the casual mishmash of English country cottages.

    My home is a relaxed place with furnishings I don’t have to get upset about if they don’t stay in tiptop shape, which is just the way life really is. Also, I collect things that I love, that make me happy. That is what I believe makes one’s house a home.

    Happy Creating!
    :) Hope

    1. You're absolutely right collecting things that you love. Then your home is totally YOU! ;)

  2. I'm no expert but there sure are MANY styles and categories. I think you like traditional - primitive?

  3. I'm the same way, liking many styles, but never the modern look. We do change, to, as we get older, but I've always loved the same colors forever.

  4. Living in a colder climate I'm drawn to warm and cozy decorating and the older I get I can see I like less clutter! I enjoyed your post and seeing your style of decorating!

  5. I love all styles when they are done well, but I live in what I would call a Pacific Northwest style home. It has rich wood tones because we have so many forests, stone and tiles that look outdoorsy, and a casual, comfortable feel. Un-fancy.

    1. Wood tones, stone, tiles, outdoorsy...sounds like my style too!

  6. This is one of my favorite posts...such good information! It's hard for me to know what my style is. I thought I would have a lot more nautical things here in Florida but I still love finding rustic, almost 'country' items so I have a mix! lol

    1. Thanks! I love the beachy themed things but it just doesn't seem to fit here so far from a beach! I need a beach house!


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