Monday, June 10, 2013


I was planning on taking some time to "recover" from our last sale and to  organize the items I have left. But there were some great yard sales and Estate sales and I just couldn't resist getting out there again! Could this be an addiction? I have lots of great finds I want to show you but that will have to wait a bit! I still have to get the photos on my computer. And I'll have more time beginning next week because summer starts and we won't be caring for our 4 year old grandson. ; (  We've had so much fun with him during the school year while his Mom taught school! Now we're going to miss him! Thankfully he said we could come and visit him!  ; )

I've decided to put some of my furniture that didn't sell at our last sale on Craigslist. I found a lot of amazing pieces, more than I have had in the past. I sold a lot of the furniture but would like to move more out of my garage and make more space for different pieces. Everything is for local pick-up only. Listed under "antiques" is a vintage sewing cabinet. There is no sewing machine but  the wood is beautiful and there are four drawers.This is for sale for $85.

Also for sale is this P. Buckley Moss print, Opera House, that is matted and framed. It is a rare limited edition print which you can check out on the P. Buckley Moss website. I'm selling this for $50.

                    You'll love this vintage teal colored  chair. It has a wonderful crackled patina on it. Selling for $20. UPDATE: SOLD

                     I purchased this vintage oak desk at an Estate Sale. I'm selling it for $80.
                      UPDATE: SOLD

                                                                 Top view of desk.

                                                                    Inside the desk.
This vintage coffee table I kept in our "little TV room". The little drawer came in handy for the remote controls.  I found another table to put in there so I'm selling this one for $20. This piece is painted black around the edge and on the legs and stained on top and sides.

Contact me if you're interested and I'll direct you to the Craigslist site where you can get my phone number.

I have a couple more large items that will go on Craigslist as I'm already filling up my Hob Nobber room with NEW projects.  I'll be sharing those here also. And don't forget to stay tuned for my NEW finds which I'll be sharing as soon as I get the photos on the computer.

On Wednesday I'll be sharing how I'm creating my own personal style and how I'm doing it.


  1. You're brave. Craigslist scares me. There have been so many crimes committed by people answering ads...a few murders as well. And every job I've applied for on CL has been a scam. :(

  2. If you do it safely, it's OK. I've sold things on there often. I just have my husband with me and we live in a public place so it seems to be OK.
    We've also always rented our rental property on Craigslist.

    I don't know about jobs on Craigslist though. Haven't tried that yet.

    Thanks for the warning though. ; )

  3. You should be able to sell all your lovelies in no time. I have never used Craigslist.

    Good luck!


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