Sunday, June 2, 2013


As promised I'm posting photos of the fun stuff I bought at our Memorial Day Sale. Don't look too closely as I took the photos while still cleaning up after the sale. I figured if I didn't take the photos while my things were all together I would put it off as I would have to hunt them down in their final resting place. Well, maybe not so final as I tend to move things around a bit. So here they are:

This tin was too cute to pass up even though I don't know yet where I'm going to put it! I paid $4.00 for this cutie.

Even though I have a lot of teacups passed down from my Grandma, I've decided to add a few blue ones to the collection as blue is my favorite color.

Another pretty blue teacup. These teacups and saucers were $4.00 each.

This old green oar. It will go in the corner of the family room with all things "lake, ocean" related, our favorite vacation spots. I paid $10 for this!

                                                           Love the patina on this.

                                  Loved this little vintage mirror to carry in my purse for $5.00.

Here is the mirror opened up. The black spot on the left is an antique industrial lamp hanging in our dining room.  It's truly industrial because this space was Dr Plummer's workshop where he made surgical tools.

This vintage wood tray with handle is another favorite. Well, actually everything I bought is a favorite. I paid $20.00. I'll put it on the dining room table with something on it.

This vintage wicker planter has a tin insert. It's woven tightly like all old wicker. Love this! A steal at $20.00!

This little stool has a lovely patina on it. It's a library stool and has the name of the library under the seat . This will go into MY little library. A true antique and worth it for me at $30.00!

This old mail box was one of my favorite finds! The mail slot here flips up.

This is the knob on top.

                          This is the side door that pulls down so you can retrieve your mail.

                                       This button is the decor on the sides and front. This old mailbox will sit in the entry of our home. I would like to see this as a place to drop our mail until we get to it. My husband will probably end up stashing  in it everything that comes out of his pockets when he comes in the door. I bought this beauty for ONLY $5.00!

Another purchase was  this vintage mold. I already had two vintage molds so why not have three and make it a collection? $3.00

My personal style is usually not this fancy but I do like some pretty things for oh, I don't know...maybe a fancy tea once a year. But for only $3.00 for this H and K Tunstall made in England platter how can you NOT buy it? It's actually a bright yellow on the rim but my photo didn't pick up the vibrant color.

My husband purchased these books. Not for decor as SOME do but because as a retired English teacher he has always liked and collected old books. One of these books is about the life of Dr Charlie Mayo who began the world famous Mayo Clinic here in Rochester. Since we also live in the historical home of  the late Dr. Plummer  who also helped start the clinic, my husband  has  gained a greater interest in the history of the clinic and our community. He even joined the "Old Fossils" club which is a group of guys who meet for breakfast and learn about the history of our community. Not sure if the name describes the things they study or the men themselves. One of the men has written books about the history of Rochester. During the summer he gives walking tours of historical parts of our city, including looking at the craftsman style homes designed by Harold Crawford who was the architect of many of the beautiful homes built in the 1920's in our community.

 Another book he purchased was about Will Rogers. An appreciation was written by a Lowell Thomas. There is a personal autograph of Lowell Thomas. So that's pretty cool. The copyright is 1935, not REALLY old but it has some great photos! 

Maybe I'll use these books as decor when he isn't reading them.

Didn't I make some great purchases? I shared the cost of some of the items I purchased so you can see the great prices we have! But if you have been to one of our sales you already know that. We DO have some higher priced furniture pieces but even THEY are great prices! As we unpack for our sale if we see something that someone has brought that we want to buy, we start our OWN pile of purchases. Of course, we're all so busy and there is SO MUCH STUFF that we don't have time to go through everything!  Many times as customers pay we'll see items they are buying that we hadn't noticed and you'll often hear us say," OOOOHHHH, I didn't see that! I would have bought that for sure!" Or if we had liked something that we were still thinking about buying and a customer brings it up to purchase it, you'll hear us say, " OOOHHH, I love that! I was thinking about buying that!"  I'm sure our customers think we're just saying that to make them feel good but IT'S ALL TRUE!

If you were at the sale I know you didn't see these items because they were purchased BEFORE the sale. But if you see something here you like, just be patient because you might see it in future sales. We often buy things for a while and when we find something we like better, we put the old stuff back in the sale. Yes, we buy and sell each other's stuff! And we're OK with that. The" rule" though  is that you have to wait for two sales before you can sell someone else's stuff! Well, unless you sell it somewhere else. But some things are just "keepers".  Translation: That mailbox is going to be hard to let go of...

So that's what I bought! In future posts I'll share what other Hob Nobbers purchased!


  1. The old tin and wicker planter are such great finds! I love the green oar and books best! What fun you've had. I need to get back out there and see what I can find! heehee! HUGS!

  2. My daughter would LOVE that oar. And I liked the wicker table and the mailbox the best. Nice stuff!!

  3. You DID find some wonderful things, Sandy! Yay for English teachers who collect books. I won't get rid of any anytime soon.
    LOVE the Jello mold!

  4. What beautiful finds! I absolutely love the tin and the tea cup :) Have a great week!

    Hugs to you!

  5. You did great on your purchase prices, I love it all but I would have been fighting you in the aisle for the plant stand cookie canister and step stool LOL!


  6. Wow Sandy, you did get some fabulous finds!! I think my heart goes toward the it!! And I have to say, the oar is a sweetie..the color/patina is so nice! Thank you for joining in on the FUN-name game....VinTaGE is soooo addicting! Blessings~~~Roxie

  7. Fabulous finds Sandy! I think the old oar is my favorite of all. I can't wait to be semi retired so I can drag out all my vintage stuff and get my sales started too!


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