Wednesday, July 17, 2013


The heat and humidity here has been crazy as it has everywhere! But I'm not complaining! I can always stay inside but that's what I do in the very cold days of winter so I try to bear it somewhat so I can enjoy the outdoor beauty. I'm just grateful I don't have to WORK in it!

There were a couple of Estate Sales last weekend and I came home with lots of goodies. First of all a few linens:
                                      A white tablecloth with different hens stitched on every corner. Here are two:

OOPS! This one got turned around.

Another amazing vintage Christmas tablecloth. This one still needs some ironing.

A delightful baby pillow case.  It was yellowed and wrinkled but cleaned up nicely.

                                                                Vintage pot holders

                              A dozen vintage hankies some of which were from France and other countries.  Here are just a few:

And a child's hankie... Although the content doesn't seem fitting for children if you ask me!

                                        Here are some pretty antique drawer pulls:

                                                       Some vintage metal industrial pieces to use as decor.


A vintage creamer with a wood handle. The seller was an older gentleman who remembered pouring cream in it back on the farm.
                                               Here's a close-up of the painting on it:

I'm finding some great pieces of tarnished silver. To see how to use them go to a previous post here. The two big bowls are first place trophies. The bright cup in the middle is actually pewter.

                  And last but not least is a large vintage  copper pot and copper kettle! SCORE!!!

                                    WOW! You will not want to miss this sale! Details on my right sidebar! Check back to previous posts for more finds. In future posts I'll share some fun pieces of furniture we'll have!
                             So what is your favorite find and what would you do with it?


  1. The tablecloth with the hens is really cute.

  2. Lots of goodies! The copper pot and kettle are cool. What do you do with the old hankies?

    1. Not blow your nose in them! Hah! Some people collect them as apparently this previous owner did. Some use them for crafting. I sometimes use them to wrap small gifts if the recipient is one who would appreciate vintage hankies! I wouldn't want someone just throwing them away like gift wrapping paper.

  3. I love your red potholders. I have noticed that the antique malls now have a lot of items from Hobby Lobby - the cycle goes round and round. I do love old linens too!

    1. That would be disappointing if people were putting Hobby Lobby items at an antique mall!

  4. Oooh what great finds! I love the sweet hens :)

    Hugs to you!

  5. Chickens and bunnies. How adorable. What great finds. xo Laura

  6. I love the sweet little baby pillowcase. I've made them but never seen a vintage one. Cute hankies, too! Great finds! Wish I could come to the sale! Hugs!

  7. Hi Sandy! I LOVE old embroidered items!! Always reminds me of my grandma's items. I have a few old hankies, too. I never got around to doing anything with them, but I read an idea somewhere about framing them and hanging them on a wall! I'll probably do that when I get my guest bedroom/office all "put together!"

  8. Hi Sandy, thanks for dropping by my blog. I live in Australia and I am a vintage linen addict and buy up all the vintage hankies from our little local old & new shop called Frou Frou. My hankie drawer is overflowing! I often pick up doilies too, and display them wherever I can. Your finds are very similar to what we have here.

  9. I love those linens but I NEED that hankie in my life!!!! {And, no, definitely not suitable for children. Imagine me explaining that to my 4 year old. "It's just Koolaid, buddy."}



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