Friday, August 30, 2013


It's almost here! The HOB NOBBER LABOR DAY SALE is this Sunday and Monday! See details on right side bar. We've all been scurrying like crazy to get everything ready for the Big Sale!    

We're excited about all the amazing treasures we've found! We're opening up another room in the house as a Christmas Room. We'll have vintage decorations, Christmas tablecloths, Christmas aprons and more. I know, Christmas is a long way off but this is the last sale we'll have this year and we have found a lot of sweet Christmas items.

In addition to the Christmas Room, there will be the usual amazing treasures: linens, industrial, cottage style and shabby chic furniture, collectibles, antique/vintage treasures, whimsies, and MORE!

So if you live any where near us, come and check us out! Scroll back a few posts to see a few of our finds for the sale!
Hope to see you there!


  1. A Christmas room, too? Oh, I can imagine it! Save me a place in line....I WISH! Enjoy the weekend my friend! Best of luck with everything!

  2. Hope the sale is a huge success and that you have fun along the way. A christmas room sounds really interesting. You know, l think early autumn is the nicest time to think about Christmas as it is preassure and stress free and one can plan gifts etc. In a calm way. Closer to Christmas things get so stressed. All the very best. Pam xx

  3. Just found your blog I'm a new follower!! Looks like you are geared up to have a great Labor Day sale!


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