Saturday, August 24, 2013


I thought I was done shopping for treasures for our next sale but then I found these:

                            And last but not least this cute little vintage wood crochet hook.
I bought even more but we have to have SOME SURPRISES!

Aren't you glad I didn't stop shopping? And we have so much more that you can bring the whole family after your Labor Day picnic and there will be plenty for everyone! We'll have a FEW THOUSAND  TREASURES for your shopping pleasure! You can even begin your Christmas shopping here!

And don't forget...Free Starbucks coffee while you shop...

I'm over the top excited about this sale! I've found so many fun and unique items! Can't wait for you to see them!


  1. Hi Sandy! You did find some wonderful treasures! Aw, I wish I lived close by!

  2. Oh I wish you weren't so far away. I'd love to come to your sale!!

  3. Never stop shopping, you just don't know what you'll find out there. Love all your treasures and would have bought them myself. Have fun at your sale and sell tons of goodies.

  4. Great finds! I would have picked up the stoneware bowl and cookie jar for sure!


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