Sunday, October 13, 2013


Hubby and I hit an Estate sale in a little nearby town this morning. It had looked promising and it was! I didn't get one of the things I was hoping for old wood yellow bench. But I managed to score a few  things. Hob Nobber partner, Renee, showed up too which was a good thing because a chair we purchased wouldn't fit in the car and Renee had brought along her camper.

Les (hubby) always underestimates the size of things. Before purchasing it, I ask him if he thinks we can fit the chair in the trunk or backseat if I buy it. "Oh, no problem!", he says. So I buy it. It doesn't fit. I don't know why I always listen to him about fitting stuff in the  car. He always says it's going to fit and it never does! Thankfully Renee is willing to haul it and it fits in her camper.
I don't have a photo of the chair as it's still in Renee's camper but it is similar ( sorta ) to this. Black cushions on steel rocking frame and old

I have to admit though that I always tell my husband I'm not buying furniture and then I end up finding some big piece to buy. So I guess hubby and I are kind of "even"...Well, technically it's not the same thing but it's something that hubby likes to point out. ; )

Since Renee and I like the unique and rustic treasures best we wait by the garage. We eye the treasures from outside until we are able to go in. Everybody seems to be eyeing something they want.  When we get the signal we all run to our "picked out treasure". I'm seeing an old wood box with old hinges. Really different and the size of a small suitcase. It has a leather handle. It's really cool! I open it up and inside is a small bottle with orange writing on it...a bonus! It's a little more than I want to pay. Without thinking I put it back on the table. Someone asks if I'm getting this. I say"no". What am I saying?! They pick it up! "Why didn't I buy that?", I think to myself.  Aaaaccckkk! Now I realize I have to go with my gut and just pick up the stuff that first speaks to me! Yes, I'm still learning that lesson after all this time.

I manage to find a heavy black kettle ( would make a good witch's cauldron right now for Halloween ), a galvanized bucket, a white enamel pail with red trim... ( ok, I'm seeing a pattern here, need to look for other things )...and then I find an old wreath made of little bells (cute). Meanwhile, Renee is struggling to get a life sized vintage Santa off a shelf where it is also tied. Should have had a picture of this! Renee shouts out,"Anyone have a knife?". Someone comes to her rescue and cuts Santa down from his perch.

Needs a bow. Maybe a burlap one? I'll add that later.

Now Les and I head to the house where we have to wait in line. We finally get in, passing the jewelry, and head for the kitchen. They have some beautiful pieces of furniture which we pass up as too expensive. Most items in the kitchen are in boxes. So if you find something you want, you also have to take the items in the box that you DON'T want. I'm always wondering if some unscrupulous person comes in and switches all the things they want into one box. But  I think most people who come to these sales are of the honest variety. I found a box with a small pink pitcher and matching glasses and a small glass wine bottle with matching shot glasses. Nothing else in the box and I liked
both sets! The price is right. Score! And no, I didn't switch anything!

I also find a unique 6 piece glass salad set consisting of a glass bowl, salt and pepper shakers, and oil and vinegar jars all resting in a wire carrier. Les thinks we should keep this and not sell it. You'll know our decision later. It's really hard not wanting to keep things that we are buying to sell. I often have seller's remorse. Read about that here. But not wanting to be a hoarder, I pass them along. Still, we DO keep some things for ourselves!

While standing in line on the porch to get into the house, I eye a chair. I look at Renee,"Whaddaya think about the chair?" I ask her. "Very retro. Cute. Get it.", she says. I grab the tag to add it to my list of purchases. Of course not before asking Les that famous question.

We're finally done and Renee is still shopping. Les and I carry the chair and then Santa to Renee's camper. As we're hauling we discuss for the umpteenth time that we should probably get a truck for hauling our finds. We decide ( also for the umpteenth time ) that we really don't need one. "Because", I insist, " I'm not going to buy any more furniture".  And Hubby says, " But even if you do, it'll always fit in the car."

More to this morning's adventure in the next post.


  1. ROFL about fitting stuff in the car. You find the best things! I always think they want way too much money for most things at estate sales and I get aggravated with them. :-) But I'm a sucker for them and I never pass one up.

  2. Funny story. Love all of your treasures. Estate sales here are always auctions. xo Laura

  3. great fun and wonderful treasures! Hugs


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