Thursday, October 10, 2013


Well, as I mentioned in a previous post I purchased a lot more furniture pieces to sell this time around at our occasional sale. Not really big pieces but some took a little work and I thought I'd share them with you. I had always hesitated to buy things that  needed some work as I didn't want to have a billion projects to complete. But I kind of got the "redo bug" after seeing so many great projects on blogs and Pinterest. Then I would see furniture pieces at a sale and envision them with a "make-over". So I knew I had to give it a try.

One of the pieces was this antique dresser I purchased at an antique auction. It had a little "boo boo" on the top of the piece and the mirror was frosted over as old mirrors sometimes have a tendency to do. But I got it at a good price so I thought I could fix it up. Since I hadn't originally planned on sharing the steps to this project I didn't take a "before" shot. But here is the final product, all set up in a vignette at our sale.

Notice that there is no mirror. Since the mirror was frosted over I decided to turn it into a chalkboard. I  also decided to paint the top of the dresser white to cover up the "boo boo". The rest of the dresser was in excellent condition so I left it as it was. With a little sprucing up of the wood, of course. The hardware was lovely and in great shape. The  chalkboard can tilt . I thought it might be fun to use it as a buffet so I put "menu" on the board. Or write "Sweet Dreams" on it and use as a bedroom dresser. You could even put it in the foyer/entry and write "welcome" on it or whatever greeting or Holiday message that is appropriate. Gloves and hats could be kept in the drawers.

This dresser is sold as are most of the pieces I have finished. I DO have a few items left for local buyers. To see what I currently have available go to my Sales Page just under the header.

I'm joining Miss Mustard Seed's Furniture Feature Friday


  1. How inventive you are. This looks like a wonderful, whimsical piece to use as a buffet. Well done!


  2. Beautiful job - love the whole thing!


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