Thursday, October 24, 2013


While looking for pieces of furniture to redo, I came upon this dresser. It wasn't in bad shape but what caught my eye were the drawer pulls. They were yellowish colored Bakelite. I thought I could do something fun with this so I bought it.

I had been wanting to try out using yellow on something and with the yellow Bakelite I thought this might be the piece to try it out on. I found some yellow stain which would add the color yellow while keeping the grain showing through. That did not turn out so well. It kind of looked like an icky greenish yellow. So I decided to paint over it and go another direction. I might have to experiment with the colored stains a bit or forget the colored stains altogether. But for now I'll stick with using paint instead of stain. So much for trying something new!

I decided to paint the top and sides white while keeping the drawers the original stain. That looked better. The Bakelite pulls stand out from the dark stain quite nicely. The white adds a nice contrast and brightens up the piece with a fresh look!

So far I'm enjoying working on furniture. The pieces are selling. And I'm enjoying learning new painting techniques.


  1. Yes, that looks great. I didn't care for that green tint either. Nice!

  2. What a lovely job you did with this piece of furniture, love the way it looks. I have just bought a cupboard and a sideboard from 1940, a real bargain and in good condition. There are a few stains on the top of the cupboard so l will have to paint that. Love the solid good quality from 1930 - 50. They have lovely big solid feet. Thank for the inspiration and have a lovely weekend. Pam xx


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