Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I'm going to do something different!  During the recent auction I attended, I made some nice purchases of various beautiful china plates and teacups.   I'm going to post some of them for sale here on my blog. While I don't usually purchase a lot of china to sell at our occasional sales I couldn't pass these up, they were so sweet. There will be more offerings at a later date. Our next occasional sale is not until Memorial Day 2014 so you can get a head start buying right now!

Today I'm offering for sale 4 Demitasse tea cup and saucer sets. These were all from Estates of long time collectors and are all in great condition. All you tea drinkers out there, pick out one or two for yourself or with Christmas just around the corner, purchase one as a gift. So here we go...

First up is a vintage Handpainted blue and white Delft cup and saucer. I almost kept this one for myself because blue is my favorite color. Someone buy it before I change my mind! The cup measures 2 1/4 inches tall and the saucer is 4 1/2 inches across. It is marked on the bottom. 

                                                                Next is this delicate little cup and saucer from C. A. Limoge. It has a soft yellow background with pretty flowers and gold trim. The cup measures 2 1/4  inches high while the saucer measures 4 3/4 inches across.

My third cup and saucer set is from Occupied Japan. It is blue and a soft yellow with gold trim. The cup measures 2 3/8 inches while the saucer is 4 1/2 inches across. Read this article on the value of teacups from Occupied Japan here.

And last but not least is another cup and saucer set from  Occupied Japan. This sweet footed cup has a white background with pretty violet flowers and blue trim with gold designs.  The cup measures  2  1/4 inches while the saucer measures 4  3/4 inches across.

Aren't these  beautiful? And you can have them for only $7 per set. Compare these prices with those on eBay.  Now here are the details:

If interested in purchasing or you have questions e-mail me at :
I will calculate shipping charges after I find out where to ship and let you know.
If you're local, you can make arrangements to pick up.
I'm sorry but this offer is for continental U.S. only.
Payment method will be decided individually by corresponding via e-mail.
These will be available only until October 30th.

Why am I doing this?   I am interested in selling on eBay or Etsy ( or maybe my own internet store ) but first I want to see if I will like doing the shipping. Hah! So this is kind of a test for me. I've been reluctant to sell online because of having to do the shipping thing. Also, this just seemed like a fun thing to try and see how it goes. This might become a weekly or monthly occasional sale so stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you enjoyed "window shopping"! ; )


  1. These are all so pretty. It seems like the delicate tea cups are just as popular now as they ever were. Sweet hugs!


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