Monday, October 7, 2013


 I mentioned that I would show you some of the things that I purchased at Junk Bonanza a while back. Here's a peek at two things I purchased for our bathroom.

We only have one small bathroom in the living quarters of the mansion we live in ( See my "Plummer House" page for an explanation of the mansion ). Having one tiny bathroom  is really challenging to say the least but we make it work. And given the "pros" of living here we accept this challenge gladly.

I'm working on making some simple changes to the bathroom. We can't do any major changes so small changes have to work. Since the house is almost 100 years old I wanted to add vintage touches but keep it bright and white with pops of green.I have to be creative to find ways to have more storage in a tiny space without major changes. It's still not done but I'll show you the end result after the paint job and other finishing touches are complete.

So at Junk Bonanza I purchased  a vintage metal white lab-like stool ( not toilet ) to use as much needed storage.  A large tarnished silver bowl holds extra soap, bath salts, and more. The ring on the bottom even holds some extra TP rolls.

I also purchased an old green wood box to hold a few little necessities. Inside the box, tarnished silver creamers hold Q-tips and scented candles. A glass container holds cotton balls.

A few more things are needed and I'll be done. I'll show you the whole little room when it's finished.


  1. Great ideas. Love the little green box.

  2. I just love purchasing bath and shower accessories in different designs. These vintage style is so cool to check out and I think most people are going after them. the glass container itself is a good piece of art.


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