Thursday, October 10, 2013


Organizing is something you do, before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.  A.A. Milne

In an earlier post I mentioned that in addition to sharing our vintage finds and other Hob Nobber events, I would be sharing posts dealing with beauty, order, creativity, and simplicity in the home. These are things I'm attempting to intentionally bring into my home and I'm always on the lookout for new thoughts and ideas. Because of all  you creative ladies out there, I've learned a lot just by reading your blogs! Well, and Pinterest, of course. At some point I might host a linky party in one or more of these areas as well.

So today I want  to share  an organizing product that has helped me get my pantry organized and brought order to leftovers. Yes, I said "order to leftovers". Nobody wants disorganized leftovers. Hah! Seriously though, do you find yourself putting leftovers in the refrigerator in bowls with plastic wrap or tin foil because you can't find the lids to your Tupperware? Are your cupboards a mess with leftover containers and lids all over? Maybe this is not a problem for you. But even if you are already an organized person this is another item you'll want in your cupboards. One of the handiest little gifts I've ever received was this set of containers to hold leftovers.  A sweet and generous friend just gave it to me because she found it so handy herself! How sweet was that?

 It has three sizes of containers and one size lid fits all three containers. They sit on a revolving stand that fits nicely on my pantry shelf. When filled with leftovers you can stack them in the refrigerator so they don't take up much space.They are so convenient and one of the best kitchen organizing gadgets I have! Now if only my family members with whom I send leftovers would return them...

 Being organized helps me keep order and simplicity in my life and home. Keeping my home orderly, gives me more time to enjoy family and creative endeavors. And that is priceless! Here sits my set in the pantry.

You can purchase these in the organizing section of my store, Sandy's Amazon Store, on the right sidebar. Though they are not "vintagy"( is that a word? ), they are worth it! If you do purchase a set, or if you already have one, I'd love to hear what YOU think of them.

Plummer House Happenings: As I write this I can hear the loud thumping of rap music outside my window. A limo with one very pretty 15 year old girl dressed like Cinderella in a very fancy ball gown steps out and is prancing around while pictures are being taken of her.

 With her are a man and woman ( her parents?)  and many boys dressed in tuxedos. They are all running around the grounds, dancing, taking photos, and having a great time! It's a Quinceanera, an elaborate coming of age celebration for 15 year old Hispanic/Mexican girls. The girl chooses 7 boys, called chambelanes to be in a court of honor. Maybe these boys are part of her court? The Plummer House is a popular place to take photos for special occasions so we're quite used to this. All of a sudden there is even louder yelling as all the boys run and scramble into the limo. And they're off!

Next I hear the loud rolling of a skateboard on the pavement outside the window where I blog. I look out to see the long haired, shirtless boy who used to sneak into the main part of the big house to explore. This was unbeknownst to us, until one day when we had a relative staying with us who went to that part of the house and found this boy hiding. He told us he crawled through a window in the basement and just wanted to explore the house. We told him he was basically breaking and entering and he COULD be arrested! We let him go with a warning and told him we were going to talk to his parents. He ended up sending us a nice note saying, "I'm sorry for breaking into your house..." He still comes up here to skate board and hang out...but NOT break in! In addition to being a popular place for photos, this has also been a magical place for local youth to hang out. With acres of woods, a trail, a tower, underground tunnels that have now been boarded up, a cave, and talk of hauntings in this 49 room mansion it has been a favorite place for youth to explore and dream up all kinds of crazy antics...some good, some not so good.

So what are "Plummer House Happenings?" Go to my "Plummer House" page just under the header to see what it's all about!

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  1. I actually already have one of those Tupperware holders and it works really well. I bet you see lots of interesting things on that property. I think it would be a great place for a Halloween party!


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