Monday, November 4, 2013


 Here's what happened to my blue pumpkin after Halloween! I think it was a raccoon but I never caught him red handed. Only woke up each morning to a bigger bite out of the pumpkin, after which I threw him away.  The pumpkin, I mean! Never did catch the rascal pumpkin eater.

The colors of Autumn seem to be waning here. I keep working on my Autumn Bucket List, trying to get the most out of the season before winter comes.  I made apple crisp the other day, one of my very favorite desserts that I  only make with Haralson apples that come in late October.
 Also had the traditional family dinner on Halloween night. Then the kids and grandkids were off to go trick or treating.
We've had the chili dinner, checked out all the colors of the beautiful Autumn trees, decorated for the season,bought some mums,  brought in some wonderful spice scented candles, caught the flu...oh wait, that's not on the list! Other than the last one we're having fun experiencing "Autumn Awesomeness"!
Now that November has arrived, I'm focusing on THANKS LIVING...focusing on giving thanks on a DAILY basis. I have a gratitude journal that I write in daily which helps me stay focused on being thankful! And did you know that gratitude brings JOY? It can turn your feelings into JOY in a moment as you focus on the good in life as opposed to the negative. Yeah, I know you already knew that!   It's just worth putting into print! Have a wonderful day!


  1. I can't blame the pumpkin eater: it looks yummy!

  2. Was that a painted pumpkin or an actual blue one?

  3. The squirrels have eaten holes in mine last week going for the seeds!

  4. The squirrels have eaten holes in mine last week. Yours looks like something was well fed!

  5. I think the squirrels are the guilty pumpkin-eaters! I'm so sorry that you got the flu! Take good care.

  6. What a beautiful post, Sandy. Your Autumn Bucket List and Thanks-Living are just lovely, too. One of these days, I really am going to be in Minnesota and come see you!! (Please stop my blog to see what I'm thanks-living for!)

  7. Here in Australia we call them Queensland Blue pumpkin. I live in NSW and I cannot grow pumpkin at all...we have possums and they eat the pumpkin fruit well before they mature.
    I also had to remind my self this year...that I couldn't put my Jack O'lantern carved pumpkin out on the deck...because of the possums.
    I think it's funny that for Halloween, here in Australia we want the orange Jack O'lanterns (from the US?) and in the US you are using blue pumpkin which grow so well in Australia.


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