Thursday, January 2, 2014


 Wow, I can't believe another year has come and gone! Time for New Year's Resolutions, right?    Well, not for me this year! I'm making 2014 the year of being intentional. Instead of making a list of goals or resolutions to check off when completed, I'm going to attempt to live intentionally  day by day and make sure I do those things that are important to me.

You see, life has a way of flying by and I sometimes find myself living on automatic pilot and not living in the moment. So here is what I'm doing this year:

Living The Intentional Life

I have a new notebook and in it I've described what  is important  in my life. To make sure I hit all the important areas in my life, I made sure I had descriptions in these six areas: Personal ( mind, body, spirit ) ; Relationships; Home; Finances; Giving/Serving; Work/Business.

I wrote a page long description of what I would be doing if I made sure I intentionally lived out those things that are important to me. From this description, I began long lists for these different areas that include things that I can do on a daily basis to intentionally do those things that are important to me.  Then every day I'll pick one thing from each area to include in my daily activities. Here is a simple example:

Today I will choose from my list the  following activities:

Walk for 1/2 hour   (Personal/body)
Take my Mom out for coffee ( Relationships )
Balance my checking account. ( Finances )
Shopping for  things to sell at my occasional sale ( Business )
Light candles in the house for a warm atmosphere (Home )
Call and encourage a friend ( Giving )

Now as I reflect back on my day, I can feel encouraged  that I am, indeed, filling my days with things that are important to me. My day may be filled with many other activities but I know that I did not let this day get away without being intentional about what is important in my life. My lists may include things that are as simple as lighting candles to warm the atmosphere in our home to an activity that takes more time. And every day I can pick what I have time to include. I am not "obligated" to myself to walk a half hour every day but can choose a different activity to help my body. If you were to set a goal of walking  a 1/2 hour a day and didn't do it every day you might feel you have failed. But this way you can pick something else to do for your body and feel that you are at least doing  something.

If this sounds like "cheating" to you, you can always set goals alongside your intentional list. So if you DO want to set a goal of, for example, walking every  day and you happen to miss a day, you can pick something from your "personal/body" list and know that  you did something for your body.

The idea of being intentional is that you have intentionally fit into your daily life, a variety of things that are important to you. I will be sharing more about this in future posts. If you're interested in doing this yourself, I'd love to hear how it's working for you.

Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at things in life that don't really matter.   Francis Chan


  1. What a great idea! Love the cover of your notebook too.

  2. I was so hoping you would do some posts like this. I've learned so much from you and really appreciate the direction. I'll work on my lists and a new journal tomorrow. I am having a 'sick day' today and barely functioning! But I plan to feel better tomorrow! heehee! Sweet hugs....and thanks!

    1. Hahaha, I love your positive plan for feeling better tomorrow! That will definitely make a difference! And thanks for the encouraging words! You can check "giving" off your list for giving me that compliment! ; )

  3. I love it, Sandy! If only we were all so intentional! I'm with you on purposed living, rather than leaving things up to how we feel that day. We have to focus, and sometimes that means using a pen and paper to do it. Keep us updated. XOXO

  4. Hello Sandy, thank you so much for popping in at my blog. What a lovely idea for the new year! I am facing a new year with more challenges than l know how to handle at the moment and it is very easy to loose ones self in the situation. Your simple list helped me se how important it is to have the right focus and that it needn't be big things either. I love the quote at the end, so very true. Thank you, blessings Pam xx

  5. Great idea, Sandy. As you know from my post, I am living more in each moment. xo Laura

  6. I think this is the best "non resolution" resolution! I do feel like I run after time rather than living in the moment sometimes as well.

  7. Good for you, you are so right, life has a way of flying by! My nieces went home to Minnesota on the 1st...I bet they are not only missing me but the warm Orlando weather. -50 is mighty cold, even for hearty Minnesotans! Stay warm!


  8. I like intentional. It assumes we have choices. I will borrow that word from you. xo Jenny

  9. Awesome post.
    Live life well, enjoy the present moment.
    Be alive all through out life, never allow a single moment to pass by worrying.
    Enjoy the magic of the present moment. Be really aware of everything in mind, body and soul during the present moment !

    1. I agree, Rajiv, one must live in the moment to enjoy life! The present moment is really all we have.

    2. Hi Sandy. thanks.
      Hope you have heard about Buddha. His teachings always stressed the importance of living in the present. He has given a unique perspective to living in the present.


    3. I've, indeed, heard about Buddha. I've also heard of his thoughts on living in the moment. Thanks!

  10. I was going to do this with you last year, but I got...sidetracked!!! LOL This year is a great time to start! Thanks! it fits right in with my "resolutions"!
    Thanks for the suggestions. I will do some pondering and writing and I will share with y ou as I go along! I am planing to post on my blog about it as well.

    1. Would love to have you join in and follow along! I'd love to hear your feedback on how it is working for you as well! Thanks for stopping by!


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