Friday, January 3, 2014


One of the things that I've been wanting to do and finally got it done in 2013 was to get a backsplash in our kitchen. I hunted for the best deal around and found something I liked at a great price at Menards. It only cost $24 for the tile! It was a small space but still... I thought it was a good deal!
This isn't a great picture but you can see how drab and unappealing the wall in the background is here. Yeah, not very exciting, even with my favorite big ironstone platter and rustic coffee pot holding my kitchen tools.

                                                             But NOW...

TA DAAAA!!!!! What a difference those tiles make!  This could have been a DIY project but we are not so clever at these kinds of things. So we hired our handyman. Still a bargain but I'm sure YOU could do this yourself!

And I DO love my ironstone platter as a catch-all. It makes things look less messy on the counter,  in my humble opinion. I have another one just like this that will be for sale at our next event...along with a few more ironstone pieces! Oh, wait I might keep the gravy boat for myself! ; )

If you live in the North...stay warm!!!


  1. That looks wonderful! Exciting!

  2. I LOVE it, Sandy! Great price, too! Here in Missouri, we are expecting a LOT of snow and very cold temps! I hope to get some things accomplished, if I'm "snowed in"!

  3. What a deal on the tile! We bought a new house last year and it has a great makes all the difference! Now, we just have to tackle all the outdated tile in the rest of the house. I have never heard of Menards, but sounds like a good place to look!

  4. It does make a huge difference. And the price you got is unbelievable. Well done!

  5. okay, so, not sure if my comment went alright. So here's another try. The tiles really do make a difference, it's fab!! Thank you for your sweet visit to my blog. Wishing you and your loved ones a happy 2014! Hugs

  6. Love the tiles--sure adds more dimension....


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