Wednesday, February 12, 2014


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Have you taken up my challenge of LIVING INTENTIONALLY? Go here to see what it is all about.


It has been working really well for me. I am feeling more relaxed and at peace even when I don't complete all of my intentions. And here is the reason: At the end of each day I reflect on what I've done during the day in each category.  ( I do write these down so I remember what I did )  If you have a better memory than I do, you might not have to write it down.  Even when I haven't completed everything I was hoping to do on that day, I have done most things and I feel great knowing that in many ways I am living, on purpose, what is important to me. I have been successful in some ways of living intentionally. And anything on my list that I didn't do can always be done on another day!

Unlike goal setting, where I feel I have failed when I didn't complete the goal I had set, setting down my "intentions" in the different areas of my life, allows me several opportunities to do the little things that make life purposeful and fulfilling.

Sit down in a warm, cozy spot ( out of this cold cold winter weather ) with a notebook and a cup of tea or coffee, maybe a few of your favorite things. A candle maybe? Then try reflecting each evening on what you have done during the day that you intended to do. Don't feel like you have failed if you haven't done everything listed. And keep the list simple. If you have done even one thing, you are living intentionally in that area! It is only one day in your life and you are making progress! Decide that tomorrow you will live intentionally in more areas.

Living Intentionally is something that you can begin any time of the year. So start to live intentionally now if you haven't already started. I'll be posting ideas on this topic weekly so stay tuned for more. I'm working on a page that you can download that will be helpful in setting your intentions.

Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet  reflection will come even more effective action.   Peter Drucker

Live intentionally!


  1. Very informative post :)
    Simply written, easy to follow.

  2. I think those posts are very inspiring. I'm really trying to let go of some things as well. Not everything can be done in 24 hours, but living and enjoying it can be done!


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