Friday, April 11, 2014


In my last post I began sharing how I was discovering a new decor style that I loved! Now I'll share the next step I took in this process...

After beginning my Pinterest board of the photos that spoke to me that also included the colors blue/white/naturals or creams, and were casual and/or rustic in style, I looked at the photos again to see what else  it was that I loved about the photos. This gave me an idea of the elements that I wanted to include. These were: ironstone, ticking fabric, pottery with blue and white stripes, vintage wood pieces, and grain sack material.

Can you see things coming together with these pieces? I'm loving them all! But I will be selling this last large pot at our sale. I purchased it at an antique shop along with the sled in a trade. I decided I could keep just one of the items in the trade and it was the sled above. It was a hard decision. OK now that I see the pot here again maybe I'll keep the pot and sell the sled. ; (   I can't decide!! Which would you keep?

All these treasures were found either at our own Hob Nobber sale or on the hunt while looking for pieces to sell. The large wooden scoop is an authentic rice scoop from China. I have lavender buds in it with a little antique spoon. You can sniff a scoop and feel instantly relaxed. There's more yet to come so stay tuned for the next step!


  1. I love the blue and white. I'd choose to keep the pot but either one will be a good addition.

  2. I'd have to keep both! They were my favorite things that you showed here.


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