Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Have you heard the phrase,"buy what you love and you will find a place for it"? Yeah, I heard that often and thought it sounded like a good plan. Not that I spent a lot of of money following that plan. But I found I loved a lot of differing styles and treasures so I ended up with things that didn't always go together. I like the eclectic style but this still wasn't working for me.

And while I love decorating, that is not my first priority. But I do enjoy making our home a lovely place to relax and make everyone feel welcome and at home.

Now buying what I love might not have been a "bad plan" but I was just not getting the "look" I wanted and couldn't figure  out why. After all, I was following the suggestion of those who loved   treasures so I thought that advice would work for me. I kept buying things that were more formal looking but that "look" didn't really fit our casual lifestyle. And while I've always loved the color blue, I stayed away from making that a predominant color because I thought it might look too cold. And our living situation didn't help either. Since we live in a historical mansion that we don't own, there are many things we can't change. 

But then I had an "aha" moment. I came across some photos on Pinterest  that had the "look" I was going for. It gave me the feeling, "I want to live there!".Have you ever had that feeling? So I went to work trying to figure out how to replicate that look. But for way less money, and taking into consideration our housing limitations. You  are all probably way ahead of me in figuring this for your own homes. 

Here are some hints of my new look.

Anyway, I'm going to share with you how I'm working my new plan to make our home fit our lives, lifestyle, budget, and "the look" I've been wanting! It's still a work in progress but I'm excited how it is working out! And the amazing thing is that I'm making the changes on a much cheaper budget than I originally spent on furnishings! Wish I had known about this before! First of all, here are some "limitations" I had to keep in mind:

1) I am not a DIYer ( not very handy )
2) I am on a limited budget
3) We don't own the home we live in ( historical mansion where some things can't be changed )

       While we've been tempted to move out of the mansion (well, my husband not so much) and live in our own home, this place is too amazing to leave! Read all about our lives here on the " Plummer House " page. Guess we'll make it "work".

So with all this in mind, in a couple of future posts  I will be sharing how I discovered "my style"  and implemented it on a budget, with no DIY experience, and some limitations. Anyone can do what I'm doing so if you are interested, follow along.

So here we go....The first thing I did was to start a Pinterest Board called, "My Style". I wrote down some things that I knew for sure I wanted my style to have. I knew I wanted a casual, farmhouse, and natural look, and blues and whites/naturals for colors. This helped me to narrow some things down a bit. Then I went hunting for photos that fit into those colors and style. Go to my Pinterest Board/ "My Style" ( red button on right side ) to see what things I came up with.

I'll talk about step #2 in another post. In the meantime if you are interested in finding your style, start a board with first defining your colors and whatever else you know for sure you want your style to have. Keep it to just a couple of style descriptions at first. Even if you like things mixed and eclectic like I usually do there are still some key "looks" that help you narrow things down.

Have fun creating!


  1. I love blues and whites, linens and lace. That is my scandinavian side l suppose. I also love colour. My style is a practical and simple country one. Most of my decorative non-practical pieces are things inherited and with sentimental meaning. The older l get the less we both want and the more practical we get. Love it, use ut or give it away is what we are trying to live by. Pam xx

  2. Actually downsizing was what made me do this" redo". I'm more of a minimalist and not into collecting so I just wanted to keep what I really enjoyed. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I think Pinterest is a great help to define one's style... And also a great danger to get "sucked into" other's styles!!!

  4. It can be a time waster, that's for sure! I have to limit myself because I can get carried away!

  5. I love Pinterest for this very thing. I started a board for my Kentucky Kitchen before we began remodeling it. The re-do is going better than I expected because I had a place to pin all my ideas and it was so visual.


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