Tuesday, April 15, 2014


We're still vacationing in Florida but today there is a bit of a chill so we're finding other things to do rather than hanging out on the beach. At least we're not experiencing any snow like they are back home!

I still haven't gotten around to getting photos of the items I purchased at Estate sales on the way down. I'll get around to it one of these days...or I'll wait until I get home.

In the meantime, I still have photos of the changes I made in our living room so I'll share those here for the last segment of "DISCOVERING MY STYLE".

If you are not a "blue person" you might not like this change but I love it! I had purchased this armoire years ago and had it made to look antique with a rust color on it as my colors were blue, rust, and mustard yellow. But now with my new style colors being blues, whites, and creams, I had the armoire painted from this..

To this....

Yeah it's a big change!
I also found an old antique window from the Plummer Building. The Plummer Building is the medical building named after Dr Plummer ( he also helped with the design of the building ) whose historical home we live in, named The Plummer House. We thought it would be appropriate to have it in our home. I'm going to put other things under it but wanted to get it high enough to take up some of the space on the 14 foot high wall here.

I also purchase this reproduction surveyors stand lamp online from India. I was looking for an antique tripod surveyors stand that I could make a lamp out of but they were more than I wanted to spend on a lamp. So I finally opted for this one.

Next step is to have these two matching chairs recovered in a blue buffalo check. Not sure if I want to go light blue or navy blue. Any thoughts? Still trying to figure out how to hide all the wires from lamps in this room that has very few outlets.

And one more touch was this antique primitive rake purchased at a garage sale from a lady who had moved from the East Coast and said she paid $100 for it.  I paid her $20.  She was changing her decor and getting rid of her old primitives. She had a lot of really nice antique treasures. I'm kicking myself for not buying more of her pieces!

So it's still a work in progress but it really helped me to have a design plan with colors, a few specific elements, and a certain "feel" I wanted to have. Here are a few more touches...

Some hardwood floors would be nice but I'd have to leave our mansion to get them ...Think I'll wait!


  1. I love the blue on the armoire - it looks great!

  2. I wish I had the vision to see possibilities and changes in my mind! Love what you are doing. ~Terri

    1. I had help from Pinterest. Check out ALL my posts about Discovering My Style to see how I did this. You can do it also! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Sandy the armoire is so striking in its new blue. I love the idea of navy blue for your chairs. One idea I had while looking at your cords was: can you find some beige fabric and make tubes of fabri to pull up over the cords so they sort of blend in with the carpet? I have never done this or seen it done but it just popped in my head. Can you thread most of the cords under furniture ?


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