Thursday, April 17, 2014


So here are the steps I used to begin creating my own style. You can follow the following steps to create your own. Read the other "Discovering My Style" posts to learn more.

My home is still a work in progress but these steps have worked for me...

                                   1) Choose 2 main colors that you want your room to have and maybe one accent color
                                        2) Decide if you want a formal or casual look
                                        3) If there is a word that further describes your look, write it down
                                        4) Start a Pinterest board, call it "My Style", and fill it with photos of rooms that you love and that also fit in the categories you listed in 1-3.
                                       5) Discover what elements these photos have in common that you like.
                                       6) Add these elements to the description of your style
                                       7) Use design ideas from the photos on your Pinterest Board for further help

You are now ready to create your own look and style in your home spaces. I began replacing things a bit at a time so as not to have to spend a lot of money to make some changes for my new style. I still want to have my furniture recovered  in blues, creams, and whites but they work for now. Now I'm trying to come up with a name for my new style. Something with casual/comfortable/rustic antique in the name... Any thoughts? I'd love to hear any ideas you may have in wanting to change the style of your home to  one that specifically suits you!


  1. Thanks for the 7 style tips! I'll put them to use right away.

  2. Beautiful Room Sandy. I love the Bud's tool box.

    1. Thanks! The tool box was a fun find! It was used on a berry farm that was owned by a guy named Bud.

  3. It looks beautiful, love what you have done. Pam x

  4. I love all of your accents....such fun and adds wonderful character.


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