Sunday, April 27, 2014


                                               HOB NOBBER MEMORIAL DAY SALE
                                     SUNDAY, MAY 25th 12-5 : MONDAY MAY 26th 9-5
                                            1091 Plummer Lane S. W., Rochester, MN
                                                   In the historic Plummer House!

We'll have all of your favorite items like beautiful linens, farmhouse wares, vintage decor of all eras, mantiques, lovely china, vintage quilts, ironstone, pottery, unique antiques, vintage nautical finds, refinished furniture big and small,  and more!  Free Starbucks coffee will be served while you shop.  Held in a 49 room mansion, there will be 6 rooms packed full of fun...huge living room, sun porch, big dining room, foyer, porch off the dining room, one upstairs bedroom, and hallway stuffed with goodies! On the second day we put out new items so you'll want to come back for more!

Karen, Renee, and I and our families ( yes, it's a family affair ) have been busy as bees...

...scouring Estate sales, attending Auctions, picking through yard sales searching for only the best treasures we can find!

...hauling home furniture, sanding, painting, and staining them

...washing, ironing, and hanging linens

...patching and repairing quilts

...making unique pillows and one of a kind items

...and then tagging and packing each item carefully to bring to the sale!

Whew! It's a lot of work! But one of the fun parts is setting up the sale and it takes a whole day with all family members working! We are at the point where we are ready to hire some strong young guys to help with the hauling to save our backs for the two day sale. But so far our bodies have been holding out. It does remind us though that we are aging! While sales of this type are typically many people with their individual booths, our sale involves only the three of us and our families but we bring in enough treasures to keep you shopping all day if you'd like!

Later this week I will post some photos of items that will be at our sale but we  have 2000+  treasures, so there will be lots of surprises when you get here! We didn't believe it ourselves when we amassed such quantities but a few years ago we all started counting the number of items we brought. Yeah, before that we had no idea how much we were bringing in. We don't even know how we do it!
Here is a photo of people lining up for the sale in front of the mansion a couple of years ago

                                The three Hob Nobbers standing in front of some of our linens.

We are kind of a crazy threesome, laughing alot, and Karen wanted to call us,"Three Crazy Ladies" which does actually describe us. Who knows maybe we will change our name to that. In the beginning rush there are always lines at our checkout table. At one of our sales someone bumped into an item in the rush  and it fell on the floor with a crash. Without missing a beat, Renee yelled out, " Clean-up in aisle seven!" One of our husbands rushed to the scene and cleaned it up quickly while trying to figure out where was aisle 7! Of course, there was none.

Another time Renee was trying out a chair I had for sale and while leaning back on it, it broke and she was almost laying flat in it! "Oh", Renee said, "It's a recliner!" "Well, it wasn't," I said, "until you sat on it!" So that chair had to go back to the shop for repair. Though I was thankful it was her and not a customer!

So bring your friends! You will find it's worth the trip even if you don't live in Rochester. We have worked out a plan so you won't have to wait so long to check out! So don't let that stop you! Hope to see you there!

P.S.     I now have Renee test out the chairs to make sure they are all sturdy so no worries!
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