Saturday, May 10, 2014


SASHA NORDRUM is the LUCKY WINNER of our Hob Nobber Memorial Day Sale Give-Away!

She has won...

1) A $30 gift certificate to our Memorial Day Sale!     
Sasha, go to the head of the line!

2) First in line to get in!

3) And three more surprises when she arrives!

Upon arriving at our sale Sasha will be escorted to the front of the line. She will be given a $30 gift certificate to spend. Also three surprise gifts await her.

Congratulations,  Sasha !!!        


My 12 year old granddaughter, Brianna, slept over last night. We went to dinner at Pannekoeken and had their Dutch pancakes ( Pannekoukens )! If you are not familiar with this restaurant, here's the scoop: The pancakes come out of the oven big and puffed up. Since they deflate quickly the waiters RUN the pancake out  from the kitchen yelling, "Pannekoooooouken!  Paaaaanekouken!" My husband likes to ask them to make an extra couple of laps around the restaurant... just for fun!  There was a party of ladies there who apparently had not seen this before and they seemed to really get a kick out of it! Every time a waiter came out running and yelling, they laughed, cheered, and clapped! When our grandkids were little they all liked to "play restaurant and would come running from the kitchen yelling Pannekoeken!" But it's not just the hoopla that makes it great. They are delicious! Especially the fresh fruit in season ones, like Strawberry topped with brown sugar and sour cream! YUM! My favorite!

Anyway, I'm going somewhere with my Bri story so hang with me here! We made cupcakes and decorated them with her cake decorating utensils. We pretended like we were on Cupcake Wars and had to do it in a certain time frame so we made those cupcakes in record time, bantering the whole time as they do on the  TV show. It's Bri's favorite show! Then we watched the movie, Gravity. It was so-so from our perspective, even though it received a bunch of awards.

Soooo....and here is why I really started talking about Bri in this post but then got carried away with sharing all the fun we had! This morning Bri helped me find the winner of our Give-Away by using the Random Generator which landed on Sasha's "number". So that's how we do it, folks!

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO ENTERED!!! I wish everybody could have won but... You'll all be winners when you find your treasure to take home from our sale!

 See you at the sale!

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  1. Congrats to Sasha :-)! The dutch pancake restaurant sounds like fun (though rather a stressful job for the waiters :) ). I have seen a few episodes of those cupcake wars too, and the Norwegian programme "All Norway is baking". Awful when it all goes wrong and they drop stuff on the floor isn't it...nice when one can pretend and play it just for fun :). Pam xx


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