Thursday, May 8, 2014



People are making plans from far and wide to attend THE HOB NOBBER MEMORIAL DAY SALE! 

And there's still time to enter the Give-Away! We've added one more thing to the Give-Away ( in addition to the surprises when you arrive )!  And that is.....You can be the first to enter without having to wait in line! OK Maybe not a big deal for some but the line starts building an hour before the sale and you want first pick, right?

So here are a few more items that will be at the sale...

 I love the color blue! If you've been following my blog you already knew that, right? Anything I see that is calling my name seems to be blue. So you know how hard it is when I find something blue in my search for Hob Nobber treasures to. let. it. go.
You can purchase this sweet picture on Etsy by Elissa Hudson

But I know there are blue lovers out there so I am trying to be nice and share. With that said, here are some things that will be at our sale for you blue lovers out there.

Also, you need to check out my "BLUE" Pinterest board. You will swoon! It's my most popular board! If you are a "Pinterest person" you will know what I'm talking about. Just click onto the Pinterest button on my sidebar and go to my "BLUE" Pinterest Board.

And now a couple of treasures to look for at our sale...
This large pot with blue stripes
Flow Blue china

Blue stoneware bowl

Blue Bench

This amazing stoneware bowl!

These blue goodies!

And my PERSONAL favorite find, this vintage stoneware rolling pin! I'm still struggling about whether I should sell this. I DO get first dibs on everything! I've got a couple of weeks to decide though...

And a few more things that are NOT BLUE but special just the same....

Wood berry box

One of two rustic paddles

And last but definitely not least....Old industrial laundry cart with green metal legs and wooden shelf on wheels

Don't forget to enter the Give-Away on this post. Here is what some lucky winner will receive:

1) $30 Gift Certificate to shop our sale.
2) First person through the door without getting in line.
3) Other surprises upon arrival.

Must come to our sale to receive prize and spend at this Memorial Day sale. ; )  Other entry information on Give-Away post. Good Luck!

And start today making your plans to attend our HOB NOBBER MEMORIAL DAY SALE!

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  1. You have some lovely items, that rolling pin especially, l would find it difficult letting that go. Best of luck with your sale, blessings, Pam xx


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