Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Oh, my! I'm exhausted! The sale is over! My body aches and I could use some sleep! Still a fun time was had by all and the sale was a great success! This year we hired a couple of high school guys to help us load and unload and that was a dream deal! It saved us even more aches and pains.

The only issue we had was too many people wanting to check out at the same time so there was a long wait to pay.  We had two people checking out and we packed up the" hold" items as they were dropped off so we thought that would help with this problem but tons more people than usual came so we still had the same problem of long lines. Maybe there is no way of getting around this but we are going to keep trying different solutions anyway.
There was a long line to get in with people in line an hour before opening time! But the weather was beautiful!
 Once again we had an abundance of treasures from the finer Flow Blue China to Rustic Farmhouse, Industrial, Retro, vintage furniture, unusual antiques, linens, and everything in between!

We met a lot of interesting people including many who were in town with family going through the Mayo Clinic here. They usually find out about our sale through our strategically placed signs around town. They are always looking for diversions from the usual clinic/hospital setting and our fun vintage sale located in a mansion on a hill fills the bill. We also had the local TV station show up, having seen our signs and wanted to interview us for the local news program. It was a little "special" segment about what people were doing on Memorial Day.

And here is the winner of our Give-Away, Sasha Nordrum, showing us her $30 gift certificate to shop our sale. She also received a "Decorating with Flea Market Decor" book, a Longaberger basket, and a handmade wire dome with a vintage doorknob on top, created by our very own Hob Nobber, Renee.

And here we are ready for the madness to begin!
 Thanks to all of you who came for helping make our sale a success!

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