Wednesday, May 28, 2014


This awesome grain scoop is an original vintage hand carved scoop made in China and used by the people there to scoop rice.
 I keep mine sitting on the coffee table with lavender buds in it. In this photo, however, it is sitting on my dining room table as I like the grain sack sitting under it.

I scoop up a spoonful and take a whiff! Aaahhhhh! Instant relaxation! I love it!
Another idea would be to put seasonal fruit in it. Or Christmas greens or bulbs at Christmas. What would you put in it?

My daughter, Elissa, her husband, Jon,  and their young daughter, Gili, live in China at the moment. Read about them and their work at, The Deep Green Project. They have been there 6 years. I say, "moment" because I'm hoping they return soon. Haha. Anyway, Elissa is willing to resource some fun vintage handmade treasures and send them to me to sell.She would have to take time to go out to villages and scout them out individually because the rice farmers there make their own tools.

So I would like to see if there is an interest. I would have to purchase several because it wouldn't be worth the shipping price to ship just one. So if you might be interested in something similar to this would you please comment on this post or e-mail me?  If there is enough interest I will definitely have her go ahead and resource this item. I am willing to ship in the continental US.

It has been an interesting conversation piece as well as practical and lovely to look at. It would also make a great gift. This would not be available for awhile, however, so right now I'm just checking out if there is any interest. Thanks for your feedback!

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  1. I'd like one! That's a wonderful item, so useful and true-looking!


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