Wednesday, June 11, 2014


If you have always loved a rustic country feel in your home decor along with fine beautiful treasures, you will be happy with the design style I'm going to share with you here. Though not a " new" style, this curated design will help you break down the elements you should be seeking out to create this look for your own home.

I've curated a "design style" using all the elements I love. Then I gave it a name. The style is one that includes many of my favorite elements but includes colors other than just my favorite combination of blue and white. The name I came up with is...Country Beautiful! (Is that the name of a magazine? If so, I'll have to change it  )  I named it that because I like the combination of old, rustic, country elements with sweet and lovely elements. These design elements include: vintage ironstone, vintage enamelware, stoneware, old cutting boards, tarnished silver, grain sack pillows and table runners, blue and white fine china dishes, flowers, vintage farm style furniture, lovely vintage linens, and baskets. I've started a Pinterest board called, Country Beautiful, in order to describe and share this style with you. You could also include in this style the board entitled, "My Style", but this board is specific to my favorite colors of blue and white. Country Beautiful can be your own favorite color combination.

Another characteristic of this style is that of using old rustic items and repurposing them for a new practical use or just another creative decor element.

I know that it helps to have pictures that include elements you love, to help you design the look you want in your home. So I'm sharing these photos to give you some design inspiration.You might not love all the elements I've listed here. You might want to just pick a few of them. But it will help you to list those elements you like so you can keep them in mind when "shopping" for treasures for your home.

The "Country Beautiful" home decor can also be described as being: simple, uncluttered, homey, welcoming, warm, inviting, fresh, natural, nostalgic, worn, well-loved, and charming.

If this sounds like a design style you might  like, be sure to follow along whenever I share the "Country Beautiful" style ideas. I will be hunting for treasures that you can buy at our next sale that fit my criteria for this rustic but beautiful look.

But don't worry if this is not your style. We find treasures for all styles!  We always have something for every taste and style!

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  1. I love the name and I pretty much love everything you love, Sandy!


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