Saturday, June 7, 2014


The "picking" has begun! I've got a few things to show you that I've collected so far. These will go into our Labor Day Sale.

I found someone who was a collector of fine china cup and saucers and is now downsizing. I bought 8 of her cups and then kicked myself for not buying the whole lot! They are the some of the finest in cup and saucer sets, including Aynsley, Rosina, Tuscan, and Elizabethan to name a few! And priced right! One of the ladies selling them said that our culture is now lacking in refinement and asthetics in the simple things in life, explaining that in earlier days people would take a simple cup of tea in the finest of teacups creating a beautiful asthetic whilst merely drinking a cup of tea. Then I remembered a friend who drinks only gourmet coffee and will only drink it in fine china teacups. OK So now I'm envisioning myself in a lovely esthetically pleasing setting, drinking a cup of tea! 

Well,  I've just convinced myself to go and see if they still have more to sell...I'll be right back!

                                             ( time spent running over to check )

I'm back!  Yup, I went all the way back and bought 7 more! Just now! Really! Now I have 15 of them so I can share this experience with more of you! Here are just a couple of them!
Blue and white, my favorite! An Anysley!

This is a beautiful pale teal color with pretty flowers. An Anysley!

Then I bought this gorgeous pitcher. But I think I'm keeping it so don't fall in love with it just yet.

It is Crownford English Calico and also is a measuring pitcher. I thought that was rather unique!

And for those who love vintage kitchen old chopper with a cute red wooden top.

I thought this was interesting... a vintage advertising ash tray in a rubber tire, advertising Firestone Tires.

I also bought a ladder, an old Windsor chair, a vintage trunk, and more! I'll share "the more" in another post.


  1. Oh! I LOVE that English Calico! What a find!

  2. I know! That's why I'm keeping it for myself! I love it!

  3. Wow, that is one gorgeous pitcher!!! I love teacups, I know a few years back they sold like crazy then cooled off a little and they are back in high demand now!


  4. Pretty!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! I will be doing 3 more posts on Country Folk so I hope you will come back to see more amazing vignettes!!


  5. Love love love that first tea cup and saucer!! I have a little collection of tea cups, my favourite one a pale blue Royal Dalton with pale pink rose buds. Love your pitcher/ measuring jug! Pam xx


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